Greatest Hits Radio Premium

We listen Greatest hits radio quite a lot on our Muso 2 and QB2.
Is it possible to subscribe to this new premium service does anyone know?

Hopefully @Stevesky can advise.

If it’s the planet radio one, then no you can’t add it into vtuner.
But you can listen via airplay/chromecast using their app.

Got a quick reply from support this morning. (Very quick!)

“ This would be possible via their own smartphone app, which you can then stream to your Muso via Chromecast or Airplay2.

However, this won’t be supplied directly in the Naim app via the Iradio input.”

Thats a real pity imho. Sonos seem to manage it. Makes it unusable for my wife and very inconvenient for me.
So I won’t be subscribing despite the fact that adverts and lack of “HiRes audio” are the only 2 downsides of the station for me.

I really hope it becomes a possibility in the future within the Naim app

[comment ref “mytuner”, “vtuner” removed, incorrect assumption.]

It’s very easy to use either airplay or chromecast to send any audio to a device. I can easily stream qobuz to my qb gen 1 that natively doesn’t support it.

Hi all,

As discussed above Bauer Media (aka Planet Rock, aka Greatest Hits Radio) only provide limited ways to listen to this premium account. On the Naim platform that means via Chromecast or Airplay2.

In regards to Sonos, its nothing to do my myTuner vs vtuner etc. There is dedicated support that Bauer Media have provided for the Sonos product range. See: Greatest Hits Radio Premium: How do I listen?

Sonos have a large market share in the consumer market, so it financially makes sense to provide easy access on the Sonos platform.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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The problem is Bauer Media who a while back (there is an earlier topic) wanted users to only use their app for all their stations including GHR.
If all 100,000 Internet stations adopted the same approach we would have 100,000 apps!

GHR could provide Premium access as others do, i.e. The Jazz Groove, but choose not to.

Many users went elsewhere and dumped the Bauer stations especially as the quality was sub-standard.
Take a listen to PureClassix (flac), Radio Paradise stations (flac), SuperStereo (flac) Timewarp Ireland and Boom Radio - you might like what you hear.

Interesting to hear the background to this; thanks all.
Will give it a try for a month. Must say I thought using airplay meant no multiroom, but things seem to have moved on a bit since I last tried it!

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Ahhh….I remember the halcyon days of fm radio with none of this proprietary nons.


and only four stations!
But you are right this proprietary nonsense and apps is ruining Internet radio.

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