Grey snaic compared to grey interconnect- photo available?

Are there photos comparing the grey snaics to grey interconnects? Comparing my black 4 pin to 5 pin snaic the grey model I have with a spare Nap 150 is thinner. Neither has Snaic embossed but has the NA # on the cable.

Thanks in advance.


Try the FAQ. Happily enough, there’s the perfect thread for your needs…

A NAP150 would have a SNAIC5 (black). A grey 4-5 lead would most likely be a 4-5 Interconnect, either the early (slightly thinner) grey our later lavender/grey. There is though a rarity, which is a 5-4 SNAIC (for connecting a Dual rail PSU to a single rail pre-amp), but so uncommon that I don’t think I have ever come across one. There’s also a black 5-4 lead for the n-Vi, again, a rare one.

Thanks Richard for clarification. Were the only grey snaics the old non-locking type? I have had several Naps over the years and am unsure if the cables were from older Nap 140s with 5 pin din. They are both thinner than my black 5-4 snaic.


The grey SNAICs were first latching (Deltron type) then ring locking (Preh type).

A NAP140 would come with a grey SNAIC 4.

Richard many thanks!


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