Gut Check

OK, so I think (or know) I’m driving myself mad here. I have a ND5XS2 into a ndac powered by a 555 (non DR). I know the next real step for me and my system is an ND555. I just don’t know if I can make that leap right now. With the ndac and ND5XS2 , a HDX, I can get an NDX2 for no real outlay. Into the 555PS I have heard people talk about how great it sounds. It’d be nice to cut down on a box (ndac) and cable (from ND5XS2) into the ndac. Still just hold out for the ND555 or go for the NDX2? I love streaming now and have been so impressed with Quboz. Thanks!

Are you able to ask a Naim dealer for an NDX2 demonstration?

Just a thought, BF

I am not sure that the NDX2 with 555PS will sound any better than what you have. It will reduce the box count and possibly look better in your system.

The ND555 is a different story. It will be better than what you have.

You have the latest streaming platform with an nDAC and 555PS. What you have may sound better than the NDX2 with 555PS.

Try before you buy in this case and a home demo if possible would be ideal.

The ND555 costs quite a bit more than what you have. Listen to it as well before making a decision.


I can’t demo anything unfortunately. I took a bit of a flyer on purchasing the the ND5XS2 and really have been so impressed with the quality of it along with the ndac and 555 that I think, sure there must be more right? Newer technology of the NDX2 has to be better than the ndac.

I wish i could try either the NDX2 or ND555 to see what it sounds like in comparison.

I’m using a ndx2/555dr with a 552 and 500 both dr
The ndx2/555dr as a source betters my prior source, cds2
I have never heard nd555 so bear that in mind
I will likely sample the nd555 one day but my current system is absolutely fantastic


I normally used a ND555 with my then 252/300dr but had a NDX2 when my ND555 went back for repair. I was very surprised at how good the NDX2 was with my 555ps.

The ND555 is better then it should be given the price difference even more so taking into account the new prices from next month.

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Not necessarily. The newer technology is mostly in the streamer, and you already have that in the ND5XS2 which runs the same streaming board.
You would also lose any advantage you have from decoupling the streamer from the DAC and putting it in a separate box with its own dedicated power supply.

Another consideration is that the newer streamers are likely to benefit from the 555DR whereas many prefer the NDAC with the non-DR version so you may want to consider another (expensive) upgrade.


With a 552, 300 and NBLs, it’s the ND555 that makes sense in terms of system balance. Your speakers would benefit greatly from a 500 too.

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I agree completely, even doubt strongly that Ndx2/ 555 dr will sound better than Nd5xs2/ Ndac/ 555 . I remember that one member found the Ndx2 into Ndac better sounding than Ndx2 alone.

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Thank you all! This is confirming what my gut has been telling me to do. I think I’ll keep the current streamer set up and keep my eyes peeled for a second hand ND555.


First rule of hi-fi, leave well alone unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.


Now you tell me😉


The ND555 really is a dream machine. Love mine to bits!

I agree with ChrisSU - not necessarily.

Don’t forget that the nDac uses the same PCM1704 DAC chips as used in the ND555 - the NDX2 does not use the same chips.

I compared nDac vs NDX2 and preferred the nDac

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The Innuos Zenith with an Audiophilleo + PurePower into nDAC/555 is a great combo. Better still with a 500 to partner your 552. I have absolutely no desire to go for ND555. There are members who only really got what they wanted from the ND555 when they added the Innuos Phoenix ethernet switch.


Thank you again everyone, again just confirms with what I was telling myself. I thought about putting the immediate funds to a DR upgrade and recap on the 552PS and keeping the streamer set up. Really appreciate the insight!

Having just bought a 552 I refuse to listen, no didnt hear you, my wallet is already crying in pain :upside_down_face:


Congratulations on 552 @Inmynaim. One step at a time eh? :sunglasses:

Indeed Dan, will be here in 10 days or so. I will need to upgrade xlr cables and acquire a 555 psu before an nd555 can be considered. It aint a cheap hobby but it is so rewarding!

Savour the moment. A 555PS will make a big difference to your source. Counting the days! Hope it all goes well.