Half boxes

It would be thrilling to see Naim offering vintage styled equipment with modern electronic innards. That could be…

  • A half box FM tuner
  • A half box dac
  • A half box streamer
  • Other stuff

Of course, all this 100% made in the UK and available in chrome bumper, olive or black with matching Naim logos.

I know, it’s only a dream! :disappointed:


It’s a good dream cat…very doubtful but nonetheless a good dream :heart:


A half box Naim CD transport would be a cracker along with the DAC V1 an a streamer plus a NAP 100 for an all digital system .

Very lifestyle but also in touch with the very first Naim products.


Forget the half box bit for a second and think about a time-limited resurrection of key elements of the olive line but with a streamer.

I’ve ranted for years about how I love shoebox components. I’d much rather have a stack of shoeboxes on a slim rack (like a Quadraspire Q4 midi) than a Nova.

I think an updated streamer, preamp, dac that can make use of the HiCap and a revised NAP100 that goes back to having DC out for a preamp, would be welcome. My fear is that once the v1 and 100 go, building a serious shoebox hifi will just be a thing of the past for Naim. Although they are not the only ones out there with the shoebox form factor, Naim’s shoeboxes like 72/HC/140 systems are arguable the most iconic.

I mean, c’mon, on a midi rack, you could do UQ2 > v1 > HC/SNAXO > NAP100 x2 and have a stonking active system driving something like Linn Tukans for less footprint than a Nova. What’s not to like?


An FM tuner of any kind is very unlikely. There’s always the Atom and Core. All you need.:sunglasses:

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My wish is for a high-quality Pre-Amp with 1/2 inputs** in half-box format - I wonder how many people use many of the input options on their pre-amps, especially now RCAs feature alongside the many DINs.

**I know, I know, there are many barriers to this, and then what about the amp aspect.

I loved my Olive 72/140/Hi-Cap combo - wonderful understated design.


Hmmm… Woulnd’t a re-issued hard Core ‘‘tractor wheel’’ NAT101 tempt many Naim fans in this ever-changing digital world? You know, a music source that you buy once but is free to use thereafter.


And then the government switch off FM. It may have been postponed but the Gov and the BBC don’t want FM to continue.

This is not actually correct. The Gov doesn’t have a view one way or the other and the BBC is on record as saying that it prefers to simulcast than face all the disruption to listeners of turning off FM. I don’t think FM switch off is at all likely in the short/medium term.


I love the the way their equipment looks now

There is always Cyrus, pretty iconic too.
I had a stack of 5 complete with two mono blocks and separate power supply for DacXp preamp/dac. Sound was very good too.


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Exposure also have the XM and VXN series but only one manufacturer (Onix Audio) had the guts to offer the ‘‘OA21 Icon’’ which is an exact replica of a 1984 integrated amplifier!

Yeah Cyrus are great. Or at least they were. Not heard them in 20 years. Sadly, they haven’t really blossomed as a company and the territories they are available in is extremely limited.

Waiting for mine to arrive in the next few weeks. Only 35 have been manufactured. It’s going up again my CB Nait 2. Can’t wait!

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Another Crus fan here… used a Naim CDX2 with my Cyrus mono block amplification for many years, until curiosity got the better of me. The top end Cyrus sound is a very punchy revealing sound… very musical sounding, but without that Naim bounce…
As I said severeal years back… the top end Cyrus gets you to somewhere in between 282/252 performance… but I never found any of their components matched the 252 performance or above… but their mono block power amps are outstanding

Great news! Let us know how it sounds please.

I had the original OA21 plus its PSU many moons ago and it was a brilliant combo with my dear old LP12 and Epos speakers. Had to get on the Naim pre-power ladder before it could be improved upon.
That LP12 still going strong…….

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