Happy 50th Anniversary Naim Audio!

Founded on 4th June 1973, Naim Audio is 50 years old today!

Congratulations to all the wonderful people who helped the company achieve this, by giving us the excellent products and systems we enjoy at home. They have certainly helped enhance my life for the better, and I am very proud to have been creatively involved in their history.

This ‘hobby’ has always been fun and extremely rewarding, and when it began with my first naim audio system in 1984, little did I know that 42 / Snaps / 160 would bring me here today, with all that has happened in those years… and it’s not over yet - I’m looking forward to my NAC 332 audition!


Well done Geoff. Happy 50th birthday to Naim Audio!

Thanks to Julian, Shirley, Paul, Roy, and everybody else involved in some way or other with making Naim Audio what it is over the years.

I’ve always loved this picture of Julian and Paul together, so what better excuse to re-post it here;


Hi @Richard.Dane

Agreed, that’s a great photograph, and it helps recall many happy memories.

Very well done to you Richard, for the many years you have been (and continue to be) an outstanding ambassador for naim audio and a top guy too!

Right now, I am wondering if anyone here still has any of the actual products as indicated by the serial numbers on those boxes!


Who is Paul, I haven’t heard of him before?

Milestone day.
Happy Birthday Naim, here’s to the next 50… :clinking_glasses: :partying_face:

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Paul Stephenson, he ran Naim after Julian died…….and brought it up to date and did the Focal merger.
He also let @110dB of the leash to do the Statement amps with the team……we have all benefited from that trickle down.


Paul Stephenson was Naim’s Sales Manager and eventually took over the running of the company when Julian got ill, becoming Managing Director and eventually Chairman following the merger.

Paul’s passion for music and for sound performance has always been an inspiration to me. Paul was instrumental in Naim’s growth and success.

Paul still posts here from time to time as @Pauls


Congratulations Naim. 50 years of great products and service. I feel that the best of Naim was with PS as MD pre merger. But still a top outfit today that has supplied me with equipment that has providing me many many hours of listening bliss!

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Congrats to all at Naim, now and in the last 50 years.

Maybe @pauls will post something later… :thinking:

(Looking at the Paul & Julian picture - and the Serial Numbers, it was probably taken around 1984 to 85, as my 1985 250 is a slightly later serial no than those pictures.)

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My Naim kit spans a range of 35 years (1984 135s, 2019 ND555), and all still gives me great pleasure when listening to music.
Happy Anniversary Naim.


Thanks for many many, many hours of listening pleasure Naim. And many happy returns :tada:

(Fabulous thread @GeoffC)


Happy Birthday Naim. Just happens 4th June is my Birthday too.


Let’s not forget Paul’s outstanding skills in the marketing of naim, and his involvement in the naim record label too.

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Paul sounds like a top bloke! Seems to be a bit of a theme here, Julian, Paul, Jason, Richard, Doug…I could go on!!! Thanks to all at Naim and here’s to another 50years!


What an amazing company! I began around 1993 with a little Naim integrated and IBLs and worked my way up over the years to just below Statement level. What a fascinating and rewarding journey, to say nothing of the sheer musical pleasure and joy people like Roy George have given us with their creations. And Richard’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic posts are always a pleasure to read. Thank you, all of you. Long may it all continue!


A shout out to @NeilS who has worked at Naim for a long time (over 30 years) and is part of the team keeping all the kit ticking along; everything from the early days, chrome bumper, olive, classic …. Hopefully nothing new classic, at least not yet!

The true heart of the factory, my only regret is not spending more time there other than very quick and brief visits to the muso label printer.


So Steve jobs and Tim cook in the audio business sort of. It seems like I like the Steve and Julian era the most. It’s something about the non compromise think different aura that gets me going.

I spend more time with naim and music than my wife so thanks for making great products :green_heart: (wife does
not agree)

Happy anniversary Naim… thank you for the music!


I don’t think everyone necessarily is 100% happy where Naim is today but I think we are all glad that Naim is here today.

Happy Anniversary to everyone connected with the Naim story over the years.



Well i have sadly never met him……if you read some of the hifi stuff at the time……he had heart, and he did his very best for Naim……it was not the legacy most at the time would think would be handed on……he improved on that legacy, the cards he was dealt.