Hardy Perennials – Which Albums Continually Please You?

Most albums in my collection fade in and out of favour as time passes, but there are others that stay near the top of the list over decades and never disappoint.

I bought Walking Wounded shortly after it was released, at Heathrow Airport. I was on my way to Munich to start a 2-month contract which has turned into 25 years. This group wrote so intelligently about love and disappointment, and the tunes on this album are just brill. (I also recommend Ben Watt’s account of his illness in Patient – that’s also great.)


In 1981 the BBC broadcast Joni Mitchell’s Shadows and Light concert. I didn’t get to watch much of it – I think it was a school night, and my parents were sticklers about that kind of thing – but my best friends did, and from that moment we all became fans of Pat Metheny. The PMG were never better than on this album. For me, it’s the sound of summer '81, the extra-long summer holidays after O-levels, cycling to the beach. Sixteen and my whole life before me.


Jeff Buckley ‘Grace’. We’ll never see its like again.


Just for starters!

The Atomic Mr Basie
Kind of Blue
Blue Train
Coltrane’s Sound
Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie’s
On Every Street
Love Over Gold
Dire Straits
Ragpickers Dream (Mark K)
Famous Blue Raincoat
Fire and Water
Free Live
Cream at the RAH 2005
Ricki Lee Jones
Pirates (also Ricki Lee)
Something Else - Adderly
The Sidewinder (Lee Morgan)
Then Play On - Fleetwood Mac
Hotel California
The Pretender
Songs for the Lonely - Frank S
Wee Small Hours - Frank S
Sgt Pepper
Elegant Gypsy - Al Di Meola
Paul Simon - Hearts and Bones
Paul Simon - Graceland
Ry Cooder - Prodigal Son
Ry Cooder - The Slide Area
Ry Cooder - Chavez Ravine

I’ll stop there….!


Lots of albums I frequently come back to but I very often reach for this

Playing now, Terry Riley,

my early copy with spelling mistake … Popply Nogood… should be Poppy.


Sorry, was it meant to just one?

A few that come quickly to mind:

Heavy Weather (Weather Report)
Baby the stars shine bright (EBTG)
801 Live
Everybody’s got a little soul (Carmel)
Friday night in San Francisco (di Meola, McLaughlin, de Lucia)
Can’t buy a thrill (Steely Dan)

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Show of Hands - Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed
Dire Straits - Dire Straits
John Martyn - Solid Air
Neil Young - After the Goldrush
Arvo Part - Passio
Gong - You
Blindman’s Holiday - Archipelago
Van der Graaf Generator - Still Life
Genesis - Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
Deep Purple - Made in Japan

I wish there were more modern ones…

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Really nice to see Show of Hands mentioned. Have followed them since I saw them opening for Ralph McTell in about 1990.

I am not a ‘folky’ but I have thoroughly enjoyed their huge output since then & found them to be remarkably, & consistently, good. Many instantly memorable songs/tracks.

I have seen them many times & they have never disappointed. Despite their continued success over many years, Phil & Steve have always been very approachable, happy to talk to fans after their performances & have remained likable & modest at the same time. They also have to be admired for doing virtually everything themselves (as well as performing) in the early days, to establish a fan base & get their music heard & sold as they grew into the major act they are in their genre.

If you haven’t heard them & have access to a streaming service, give them a go. You will probably be pleasantly surprised.


Just about to start a tour in the UK. Check out their web site.


Not certain but these three have been a constant for 40+ years. May have to give them a bit longer to be sure though!


Cheltenham next week …

According to tidal, my most heavily played album is the lion king soundtrack closely followed by disney classics. I blame my daughter for this.

I continually come back to Tool, Metallica and Tori Amos.

Oh i forgot Aphex twin and Muki


To limit it to just five

Paul Weller - Wild Wood
Gregory Isaacs - More Gregory
Marvin Gaye - What’s Going On
Bob Marley & The Wailers - Exodus
The Who - Quadrophenia

I’ve only listened to Jazz for four or five years so cannot really include any in this though if it where a most listened to today then it would all be Jazz.

Thievery Corporation - Saudade
Gasoline - journeys into abstract hip hop
Massive attack - mezzanine
Spiritualised - Songs in A&E


One of the first jazz albums I ever bought, a long time ago…


Show of Hands were on my personal playlist with Naim at many hifi shows back in the day.



The Strolling Bones - Let It Bleed.

In it’s many incarnations, from the original CD, to the Mono Boxset issue, right through to the SACD version, this get’s a regular airing, Chez Dave.

Well, it contains my all time favourite Stones’ choon, “Gimme Shelter”, along with so many other belters, so that’s hardly surprising.


These 2 have got to be top of my pile:
Never tire of playing them.