Has my sister's red light Nait blown up?

Find some grace please. This is my sister who we are talking about. She’s not interested in Naim but happens to own a Naim amp that we all admire. As recently as yesterday, she told me (for the first time) that the thing that stops her getting the amp fixed is the NAC A4 which she hates. From this thread I have strongly recommended Chord Leyline X to her, for all the reasons it was recommended here, to me.

Empathy is in short supply on the internet I know, but disguise your irritation if you can and try and find some. Thanks.


Apologies for any offence caused but I do believe that the better approach is to check the Nait and have it fixed before worrying about new cables. Each to their own way though and I wish her success in finding a solution.

Describing every brother and sister relationship ever :slight_smile:



Some time later……

I have just received this text from my sister:

Hi Chris - up and running!! Temporary setup just to see if all was ok with the new Mac mini and screen situation….sounding a bit bright at the moment- but much much improved! So thank you very much indeed for helping me to get this fixed - v v pleased. Jx

To elaborate a little, her Nait was serviced at Class A. The Epos M5 speakers were checked by Grahams and had not gone pop when the Nait went pop. The Naca speaker cables were replaced with Chord Leyline 2X.

Can’t wait to hear it all myself the next time I’m up in town.

Thanks to all on the forum whose thoughts and ideas contributed to getting this 1985 amp back on the road again. I knew it was the right place to ask.


We are all out for a family lunch on Easter Sunday so I cannot wait to quiz her on how it sounds. (I might leave it until the pudding :wink: )


We have chatted and, yes, I know she is pleased. She has a working set again and says it sounds great. (Obviously, I’d love to hear her newly serviced original Nait at my place with my Allaes but it ain’t happening.)

To my mind, a DAC V1 and NAP100 now makes a lot more sense for her, given her sole source is Mac Mini but she’s not interested. She’d rather travel, spend money on art, eat out, have a life etc. I get it.


Bonkers :joy:

Seriously though, good to read that the NAIT got some TLC and is back in service.


buy a her a dac and a nap,
Take the nait and run to your allaes

I think the most I could hope for would be a weekend loan of the Nait, though I doubt if it’s going to happen. It would be great to see if the original Nait experience matched the iconic reputation. I’m just worried that I might prefer it to my pre-power :sweat_smile:

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Glad everything worked out,

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