Has the use of NAIM gear affected your musical taste or listening habits?

In my case, the move to NAIM caused a gradual decrease in playing time of classical music and an increase in listening to jazz . It stands now at 1:1 while with the older-different gear more than 80% of the material played was strictly classical.

The switch to a less powerful integrated NAIT, going from 100 to 30 WATTs, restricts a little more the useful volume which just makes the wife happier.

Overall, the amount of daily playing time through the two systems remained unchanged.

I’m listening to more radio than I used to . Streams are getting to be really high quality. Current fave is RP Mellow. Otherwise much the same, a mix of singer songwriter, Jazz, blues and 70’s prog rock. Lots of new stuff via RP, 6 music and R2 evening shows.

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Curious, because jazz seems to be particularly popular among forum members - perhaps my dislike of jazz explains why I wasn’t drawn further into the Naim world!

As my taste in music has remained pretty much the same since my teens, and I still almost invariably listen to whole albums, and play music as often possible, getting lost in it, the answer to both the specific question, and the same re hifi in general, is no!

I would have to say no, the albums I liked as teenager I still enjoy today and now I have the system to do them justice, vinyl was my only choice in those days and it still is today

All of my CD’s are now 01010101010 on my NAS which I also enjoy

Iradio on during the day a low levels, and sorry I am with @Innocent_Bystander on the Jazz front

I had exactly the opposite reaction that @Haim had to using Naim gear. I listen to much more Classical music now.
I still love the way it makes Pink Floyd, Linda Ronstadt, The Outlaws, Allman Brothers etc, sound, and these make up about half of my listening; plus many others of course.

In 40 years of Naim ownership amount of time listening to music has ebbed and flowed. What I have listened to has changed over that time as I have discovered new bands/artists so in that way it has changed, but I still listen to some of the albums I had when I became a Naim owner on a regular basis. Have always listened to the radio through the system initially through a Meridan tuner, then via cable TV and now streaming.

As a result of using a particular brand of hifi? Nope. music is music, regardless of the electronic medium used to convey said music from source to listener.

As a result of getting older? Certainly. This is not helped by the inevitability that many of “My Generation” rock stars are “popping off the twig” (Mick & Keef notwithstanding).


and Les from bay city rollers.


yes, with Naim the passion for listening to music becomes bigger and more challenged and curious to listen to Jazz albums even those we’ve heard before

Since getting a streamer (Uniti 1 to start and now an NDS) with a Qobuz subscription my listening has been transformed. I listen to a much wider variety of music than ever before. I absolutely love the ability to explore new artists, genres and the suggestions from the music room threads.


Without doubt, as many years ago, my “flavour of the month” top end Japanese system gradually failed to hold my attention, and was becoming used less and less frequently.

Enter some, very much, entry level Naim, via Fleabay, and once I’d become used to the wholly different presentation, I was hooked, and my engagement with music began once more.


Never been much of a fan of classical or jazz music. My taste has always been prog, singer songwriter and rock. Naim haven’t changed this although I do branch out from time to time. What Naim does for me is inject some life, some vibrancy into listening. I want to be entertained by my music and I’m not bothered by neutrality or holographic imaging etc.

Since digitising all our CDs and putting a 272 into the lounge we do listen to more music, as it’s so easy to have on in background. Also listen to a lot more internet radio, we have presets from around the world across various genres.

Upgrading to 272/250 means I seek out more vocal/folk than previously because it it such a pleasure to listen to. Especially enjoying rediscovering CDs from 70s I’d forgotten about with Janis Ian being a particular favourite at the moment.

Speaker upgrade means we’re also listening to a lot more of our dance back catalogue!

In my opinion,
There is no connection between the musical taste and the audio equipment whose function is only to reproduce the recording in the best possible way.
I know someone with a 500 series who only hears Baroque music, before ,and after the purchase,just wants to hear more time.

God no. Hifi has nothing to do with listening tastes. Your preferred listening tastes may change as you age but due to equipment I would worry if it did and say your priorities are a bit a skew.

I found exactly the same. Bought more CDs and vinyl as a result too.

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No, but when I got my first LP12 in the mid ‘80s my musical interests broadened considerably. It was after that that I started listening to and enjoying Wagner.

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I lost Peter Hammill for a while, it was while I had a CDX2 into a 282, actually I can’t blame the CDX2 as I also have his vinyl releases. He’d been a mainstay with my previous setups and I got him back with the 552 but whatever I liked about his stuff, both solo and with Van Der Graaf Generator, some of it went AWOL while I used the 282. I did give up “smoking” just before the Naim stuff but I don’t think that was a factor, the CD5x didn’t see him off with Rega amps so I think it was the 282.

My experience is not unlike @Haim. Since moving to, and then from, Naim in my main system, I have gradually widened my tastes in music from mainly classical, taking in jazz, folk even some rock. This may be partly caused by the systems I have been using, but there are other factors. A much bigger one is streaming from Qobuz. I can now explore all sorts of unfamiliar genres and artists with a few taps on my iPad and I find this wonderful for expanding my musical horizons. What’s best is this in no way diminishes my enjoyment of my classical library, perhaps it is even enhanced.

It’s possibly an unfashionable view, but I think we are living in something of a golden age for musical access and reproduction. True for me at any rate.


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Not directly, but last year after adding a Naim streamer, then joining this Forum, and creating the following topic, my taste has broaden to many more artists, although still very much female based.