Have I missed something or is there one benefit of Vtuner Outage?

Following all the Vtuner issues over the Christmas period, I deleted my pre-sets for the 3 Naim Radio feeds & set up new ones this morning.

When I went to test them I was surprised that, for the first time, all 3 Naim radio options (standard, classical & jazz) displayed the Artist Name & Track Name information on the Naim App (Android version in my case).

Is this new or has it been available for a while? I am not a prolific internet radio user & set up these pre-sets when I purchased my Nova in 2019. I have never altered them as far as I recall.

I follow these forums regularly & don’t recall Naim announcing that Artist/Title information had been implemented following the introduction of the Hi-Res broadcasts several years ago.

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Did you refresh the presets already following this update?

Yes I did, but just the BBC pre-sets only, not the Naim ones.

Not for the HD Flac streams they don’t…much to my annoyance.

It was suggested the metadata was going to be added to the HD streams some time back, but seems never to have been actioned……

With the iRadio woes of late, I’d imagine it’s been pushed even further down the list of ‘to dos’ ……


Thanks, I see what I have done.

I selected my new presets from the Naim folder rather than the hi-def folder which contains the FLAC icons.

Thought it was possibly too good to be true!

Yeah, you’re not wrong…!
There were some posts a good while back from naim.marketing (which I don’t think is used now) saying the embedded data was coming in due course to the HD streams, they were just figuring how best to implement as there’s no defined industry standard it seems…(why they don’t just follow Radio Paradise’s example, I don’t know)….but then nothing.
I actually started a thread on the subject a few months back to see if it would reboot the topic….but alas, radio silence….! :man_shrugging:


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