Have you squeezed “The Lemon song” lately?

Sure their first 4-5 albums are probably the best run of music ever made, but I like all their albums. There were a few songs here or there I might skip over, but not many. True Zep fans appreciate all of their work, including solo albums after 1980.

I’m surprised your ‘best run…’ doesn’t include their sixth. Physical Graffiti is probably my most played LZ album. A masterpiece!

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I lost interest in their new stuff after HotH, and Physical Graffitti when it was released sounded very similar to HotH, and I didn’t bother buying. I listened to Kashmir a some months ago after a similar exchange and someone suggesting it as one of their best, but I wasn’t impressd. My favourites and LZ 1 & 2 equally, with fairly frequent plays (though I seem to choose 1 most often), followed by 3 & 4 occasionally. I can’t remember the last time I bothered playing HotH.

I saw Zeppelin when I was 17, August 1979


No Quarter

If you haven’t already, check out Greta Van Fleet
That’s not the Swedish girl that doesn’t go to school
But a band with a lot of similarities to Zep
Couple of years ago a bloke in the pub ( remember that) suggested them to me and he was bang on


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Saw John Paul Jones 3 maybe 4 years ago while waiting to get on the Eurotunnel. Didn’t notice anybody go up to him but others were shaking hands with Sea Sick Steve!
I can recommend seeing Fred Zeppelin live.

I am aware of these guys Lyndon, they are from the Detroit area, and I live right across the river in Windsor Ontario. They are excellent, and the first time I heard them, I knew they were big Zep fans. I hope to get a chance to see them live one day when all this COVID BS is gone.

I had a chance to see JPJ about ten years ago, he was playing with Them Crooked Vultures in the City I live in (Windsor Ontario), at the casino. I ended up moving to a different job, and the guy who was supposed to get the tickets was at the old job, so I lost out.

JPJ was a regular at any of Robyn Hitchcock’s UK gigs at one time, playing mandolin, bass or guitar, they were good friends. Robyn used to host “secret “ gigs at “The Three Kings “ ( known to us as “The Feghorn”) pub in Clarkenwell. He was very unassuming and a genuinely nice bloke, who just wanted to play without the inevitable pressure. Great times. Apologies for thread drift, but I did see LZ in 1970 at the Bath festival of music, it was cold wet and turgid…and long!

As Jimmy Page wore a SS Stormtrooper outfit on stage in 77, does this mean I should throw my Zep records away?

I’m not!!

Wasn’t it really a plagiarised version of Howlin’ Wolf’s Killin’ Floor? I’m not sure if he was acknowledged as shared composer on the initial LZ release.

Indeed wasn’t.

Back in about 1975 rumours abounded that Zep were going to play an impromptu at the Marquee. People queued for several nights but it turned out to be a JPJ splinter group.



‘The Lemon Song – The music here is pretty much identical to Howlin’ Wolf’s “Killin’ Floor.” Chester Burnett (Howlin’ Wolf’s real name) was not credited on the original, but Zeppelin lost a lawsuit in the early 70s, and subsequent releases credit Wolf.’

This was just one of a number of dubious claims to authorship made by LZ. The quote above comes from a website called Live for Live Music and is written by Dave Melamed. He goes through the initial authorship attributions of the early albums.

I did see them at the Marquee but they were called the New Yardbirds!

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A quick google found this: On the 23th of March, 1971, Led Zeppelin played for the last time at the Marquee club, shortly before they would become a big arena band. In November that same year, the band released their fourth album “Led Zeppelin IV”

In 2011 Seasick Steve headlined the Friday night at the Cropredy Festival. He came on with his trademark guitar, then announced a friend was playing with him and introduced JPJ, a great set.


They like ripping of Wolf’s ( randy craig wolfe)

Sorry, 26 days late to the party but JPJ is sublime on bass. From 3.00 to around 5.30, it doesn’t get much better. Don’t know of any other blues tunes where drums, vocals and guitar all support bass. Brilliant.


Yes it’s very special, ripped off or not. The SL2 has a wonderful tight bottom end. Very musical, foot tapping and just plan old fun.