Have you stopped upgrading. If so, why?

The 272 with XPSDR cured me after being quite far up the ladder a few years back - and still never entirely content.

Anyone else feel they are truly ‘settled’?






Have I stopped upgrading ?
Yes, well mostly yes, but always looking out for improvements.

Why … I’m about to spent a large six figure number on the house, then consider options to downsize. After that there will be serious upgrades to top end streaming & pre-amp & most likely ATC active speakers.


Hi Mike,

Good question. I’ve stopped upgrading in the sense that I don’t intend to climb further up the ladder. In other words, I’ll stick at 252,300,Akurate-ish level (unless my dealer offers my a 552 at a bargain price!).

The sound I’m getting from the current system is fantastic. I’ve cured any problems and have stopped listening for them. I know it could be better, but I’m helped by the fact that the jumps from each level to the next increases as you go up and at some point most of us must surely draw the line :thinking:

But that doesn’t stop me wanting to DR my 555 or replace my Stageline with an Aria. Also, the lack of an NDS2 will give me a dilemma if the NDS should require replacement as I will either have to downgrade or massively upgrade if I want to stay in the Naim fold.


I was where Mike is 2 years ago and after the long and winding road of house renovations I wanted a neater system and ended up very happily with ATC Active’s with a DAC Pre .
I’m very settled but would like to see something from Naim like the fabled 372 sometime soon , preferably with balanced outs as well.

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Perennial question … I have an active system that has amps around 30 years old with newer NDS and Ovator 600s.

I’m retired now so don’t have the cashflow necessary - having said that I’m forever contemplating a turntable and/or a Core. But first I’m tackling the mains by splitting the consumer board. First quote coming next week.

ATC acive speakers - a choice I’m certain you will never regret Mike .

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Hmm…never actually come across another Sloop_John_B, let alone a Naim owner. Usually I’ve not been allowed to register it as it’s already in use. Do you get around much?

I’ve stopped upgrading for one reason only - run out of disposable income! If my boat comes in I’d do it in a flash

I can heartily recommend the Aria, I got one in the Summer to replace a Stageline. Noticeable improvement.

I haven’t stopped upgrading … some wild dreaming makes me think of an 252/300 combo in the end … I will probably got their piece by piece. On the streaming side (NDX-2) I think I am where I always hoped to be, so don’t expect changes there

Yes. Because of kids. My listening time for the main system is now less than 30 minutes/month.

Wondering if I should sell it actually and if I will resent the kids if I do. But the resale value in Japan is about 10% (yes really) for Naim. I have none of the boxes. And the 282, NDX, XPSdr and HiCap fronts have turned purple. The 282 is actually close to shocking pink in daylight. So resale might be very hard.

At a loss really. I just can’t see a light at the end of a tunnel where I ever get to listen again.


As long as I can afford it then I’ll carry on trying to get further up the ladder. However I tend to find, when one reaches a certain level, that any upgrade changes musicality speaking start to be very subtle. If I am 100% honest with myself, the subtle changes are probably too subtle for my old ears!

Children do grow up, and surprisingly fast looking back on it.

Keep you special psychedelic naim kit.



Yes, round round get around I get around…



Hi FZ,

hang onto your gear. I was in a similar situation only a copule of years ago. Just as SJB said, children do grow up really fast.

Regarding upgrades as such: I’m not actively searching, but if I see/hear something worthwile…

As I implied in my thread on the old forum I am currently contemplating some upgrades. As for the ‘why’ posed by the OP, cost is the major limiting factor for me - and I suspect most other ‘naimites’ :wink:

Having been in this situation I put my system up in the loft under sheets for 10 years until the kids had grown up, only taking it back down again about 6 months ago. There was no Unity or Atom then so it was a mixture of iPods and Bose Docking stations until SONOS and Spotify came along. My advice FWIW would be to mothball it and buy something “more practical” the family can all use as a compromise.

I think I’m now more or less where I want to be. Lack of disposable income now that I’m retired (retirement’s tough, isn’t it? - nothing to do but listen to music and travel - if only!) and the fact that I’d have to pay a lot of money for any meaningful upgrade means I’m more or less off the upgrade ladder for now.

Recently purchased a Mytek Brooklyn+ DAC for my 2nd system to scratch an MQA itch, but I think that might be more or less it for the time being.

Very good he as asking for that tune😁