HDMI Arc (Mu-so - TV) with multiple Mu-so Qb speakers

I’m new here and wondering if you could help me or provide some advice:

I’ve got a Mu-so second gen connected to my Samsung TV via HDMI Arc. Working well.
I’ve also got 2 Mu-so Qb second gen and I would like to include these speaker in this setup, so experience the TV sound with all Mu-so speakers. I don’t know how to achieve this, but it seems that some people have done this:

If not possible with my setup, do I need additional hardware or solution to get this working? Many thanks for your support.


Welcome Iwan.

From what I could ascertain from that older thread, you can do it so long as you have the HDMI connection made between the TV and something with an onboard server, such as a new Uniti which will then allow serving of the signal to other devices.

I should add here that it’s not something I’ve tested or tried myself, but it seemed that @n-lot had success this way.

I seem to recall I tested this once and it did work.

I’ll double check if it (still) works later.

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Many thanks Richard and n-lot. Looking forward to get some guidance.

I’m quite surprised (or disappointed) if I need additional hardware (e.g. very expensive Naim uniti for example) if I have a Mu-so speaker which can’t share a HDMI TV audio signal to my other Mu-so Qb’s (so >3K Euro setup). If really not possible without additional hardware, I’ wondering if Naim is planning to include this real multiroom functionality (including HDMI source to pass through other Mu-so speakers over Wifi) in a firmware update if possible.

This is old but suggests the need for another device for multi-room playback.


Not ideal but could you potentially split the TV’s analogue or optical out to the Musos, though I guess with optical you’d end up with both playing L/R, and with analogue you might need non-standard cables or adapters to split L/R.

Sorry for the delay, but I finally made some time to test this.

You can use multiroom to have TV sound playing on another device, but there’s an issue. The multiroom functionality introduces a delay. As soon as I disable multiroom, sound gets in sync again. I guess it some kind of buffer that gets filled.

So while it’s technically possible, in practice I don’t think it’s useful for your purpose.

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