HDR HLG on BBC and Sky

Be interested to get views from members about the gradual adoption of HDR Hybrid Log Gamma profile for UHD content on the BBC Beta IPlayer and SkyQ HDR.

This format is a HDR dynamic profile optimised for broadcasters, as opposed to cloud providers like Netflix and Amazon who instead tend to use HDR10 or Dolby Vision. HDR HLG has legacy compatibility with non supporting TVs, which is why I guess broadcasters have interest with it. I look at it like playing an MQA file through a PCM only player.

Interestingly though you do need a fairly recent TV to decode this correctly… My LG E6 required a firmware update… and now I get a pop up briefly to indicate when HDR HLG decoding is underway by the TV … and one sees a colour space and gamma shift.

As far as vision, the BBC media seems to be first class… I think the Sky content (in Cinema and some box sets) has a few encoder teething problems… but on the whole is a plus and certainly has more intense and varied dynamic presentation than regular non HDR UHD.

I guess no Sky Q users on the forum.

Unlucky really. I was hoping to learn something!

The few times we’ve (accidentally… ) viewed something in UHD/HDR it looked like they’d turned the lights out. Sony KD-49XG9005. Maybe not ‘smart’ enough! Me or the ‘box!

Yes HDR10 and Dolby Vision seem spot on on my LG . However I am not sure HDR HLG encoding gamma settings are totally right for the LG HLG profile… I can adjust a bit… but I agree the mid point is slightly too low… and seemingly not adjustable on either of the three HLG settings

Wasn’t even aware that Sky offered this.

I’m a Sky Q user but watch most programmes (movies / sport) on a Projector which unfortunately means I won’t get to benefit from HDR10.

Ahh ok,… Sky does not support HDR10 or Dolby Video. Sky only supports HDR HLG … but you need the supporting Sky Q box, and is used to enhance UHD (4K) with hidefinition video displays supporting 10bit colour and the HDR HLG profile.(higher dynamic range and larger colour gamut). Sky then allows you to download in standard UHD, HDR (enhanced UHD with HDR HLG), HD or SD.
The BBC beta IPlayer supports HDR HLG for UHD material on smart TVs / displays support supporting that definition.

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Ah apologies - I skim-read your post and misread it as HDR10.

There’s a decent selection of movies that have it especially TDK trilogy. Thanks for the heads-up.

Users better hope they don’t need to upgrade as you lose all your recordings when you get issued (£50) a Q box that supports the format, unless you have a compatible box already

Watched His Dark Materials in HLG it looked ok, not too false looking which I find DV is at always gives too much contrast. I just have a Sony XF9000 no Sky Q it can handle all the HDR formats. Really don’t like what Netflix do to their content at all. Watching Marvelous Mrs Masiel on Amazon though was very good in HDR so vibrant and it seemed to be just balanced right.

Agreed on the Prime / NF presentations.

I think it must be TV related, I find Dolby Vision absolutely stunning on Apple, Netflix and Prime with good tracked gamma on my LG. HDR10 is good but I am not sure it’s adaptive like DV… but HLG is a bit hit and miss on the gamma… I watched Apollo13 in HLG on Sky and that definitely did not feel like it should have been.
I don’t use the vivid modes, as the colours look false and exaggerated… which of course is the point of vivid :blush:

Possibly I don’t use any automatic settings and calibrated it as close as I could, although this set is pretty damned good out of the box. It’s the gamma that’s off I find and for DV but not all content it just like audio mastering not all is done as good as it should. Many post production facilities still struggle with it and it’s still very much misunderstood in how to approach it a lot of the time. I have to up to 2 for most DV content everything else it’s good on 0. They do use software DV decoder so this might be the difference or just the panel tech. I could not get on with OLEDs motion handling at all it’s why I went for Full Array LED instead.

Yes the Dolby Vision adaptive is part of the encoding process… it allows details and a larger colour gamut in low luminance scenes when MPEG encoded… but it doesn’t make the scene brighter… just retains details. That mushy blotchy detail in low lights and shadows you get in standard HD is banished.

Yes I disable nearly all processing and all motion processing… it’s horrible and looks more natural with respect to films without it. The only processing I have is a little bit of MPEG noise removal to mitigate encoding MPEG artefacts contained within the media… but only very low level so I can still appreciate film grain from 16mm transfers etc.

Glad I read this item. I’ve recently bought an LG65CX and was a bit disappointed with the picture looking at football compared to my previous LG OLED which was four years old.
Decide to look at the options and changed to the HDR option which has produced a much better picture than the sport option using Sky Q.

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Hi John , I bought the CX48 recently and also struggled a little when watching Football. I just couldn’t find the right settings. I did some research and found some recommended settings. Since then I’ve never looked back and really enjoying watching the Football etc now . As Simon mentions all Motion is switched off. I use the ISF Dark room mode and follow the picture settings I found . I’ll link them at the bottom of the page if it helps .

Regarding HDR and Dolby Vision I must say I’m mostly very impressed. There isn’t a great deal of content but whenever the HDR pop up appears the Picture quality certainly improves in terms of depth , colour and realism.

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Pete, if you rent or buy films from AppleTV, you will find much of their content is HDR10 or DolbyVision, and increasing amounts on Amazon Prime.
Indeed ISF Dark Room with gamma 2.2 is my default non HDR mode and works well. I had the grayscale tweaked using the 20 point settings… on my E6.

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Thanks Pete.

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Thanks Simon , I do find myself turning to Amazon Prime more and more for films these days so look forward to more HDR content . I have Apple but tend to overlook it for some reason. Time for another look .

We watched Le Mans 66 last night on Sky Q UHD HDR and not only was the film 10 times better than I imagined but the picture quality was stunning. A really good film to lift the lockdown Blues .

It is a good film… I have purchased… my copy is UHD Dolby Vision… certainly does look good.
My only fault with the film is that apparently Ken Miles had a really strong brummie accent … and Christian Bale does not really offer that…

He sounded more Lancastrian to me and I’m sure I spotted a Burnley football shirt in there somewhere which might explain the accent .
Very enjoyable .