HDX fresh from Service - Setup again - Please help

my HDX is fresh from Service - HDD is new all is fine.

Currently I do have a lot of struggle with the setup.
In the share menu of n-serve it detects my MacBook at once - also my windows PC from work.
But no way to convince him to find my sinology as host.
What should I do…
I do not remember what I have done 5 years ago at first setup…

I only find the adding shares option - but how can I add a Host?

Can anyone help - please.

Does this help?

sadly no - found it already
I can manually add a share - but no idea how to do? Tells me to name the IP address. But where?

Thought that Host Scan will do - but don’t

Before service all was going fine with the shares

This could be a solution but I do not understand anything of it…


Synology workgroup = naim and protocol enabled … host and shares are there


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