HDX HD to SSD still possible?!

Hello to anyone reading this etc. I have a 2015 2Tb HDX (which because of my - no choice - situation etc is my ‘life’ - listen to between 7 - 10hrs of my music per day) and was wondering as it (HDX) is no longer made as such, wether you can still have it converted to SSD?, or anyone gone down the road of running a seperate storage source and running ‘through’ the HDX?
ANY other info’ will be MUCH appreciated, thank you in advance.

It was retro fit able so I gues it’s a straight swap?

You can access an NAS drive on your network very easily on an HD HDX. Just look for “Devices” in the N-Serve app.

The SSD version does not have any storage for a music library. The drive stores the OS etc. and it’s for people who want to use it with other network storage for their music library.
The regular HDD version can also scan your network for music stores, and allow the HDX to access them. So the SSD version, which was always more expensive than the HDD, does not have any extra functionality.

I wish my HDX could find network shares. Spend hours on it to no avail except causing the collateral damage of screwing up the print spooler on my laptop meaning I can no longer print from it.

I can’t remember clearly, it was so long ago, but I think you need to set up a new network share under “system”. I use the Flash interface via a browser on my Mac.

I find in the browser interface that pretty much any drive it can find will be located, and remain on the list unless I delete it. I just have to enable it there if I want to use it, and there is the option to promote them to music store status if I need to.
If a friend visits and uses a laptop, or it I take it to use on a different network, more drives appear automatically.

Hi Simon & welcome,

Just a heads up for you, currently Naim have exhausted stock of the SLC SSDs used in these products & they are no longer available.
If a suitable alternative cannot be sourced, the option for an upgrade will sadly be dropped.
So if you are interested, please check with tech support for an update on this.


Hi @NeilS presumably a regular HDD could still be fitted if the original one fails? Then you would still have the functionality of the SSD model if you wanted to use external storage.

Hi Chris,

Yes, that’s correct.


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Thanks to all posts for info’ given, much appreciated.

Thanks, appreciated !

Interesting… I think the falling availability of SLC drives reflects the increased reliability of the latest generation of MLC/TLC/QLC SSDs, especially in the HDX’s mostly read application. In any event, these newer SSDs are probably more reliable than their older HDD bretheren so I’m not sure why NAIM would drop support for the upgrade, other than for built-in obsolescence(?)

Hi sktn77a,

I should reiterate as I wrongly worded that as though it is the company’s line on the matter. I should have said “it is highly likely the option will be dropped”.

I was basing my own thoughts on the fact that the SSD upgrade became dangerously close to being stopped in the not too distant past due to availability.

There are many factors involved with testing alternatives & it is very labour intensive.
The current SSD is an enterprise grade I believe.

Apologies for misleading you.

Neil: No apology necessary. Yes, I understand that the drive in the HDX SSD is a 32GB SLC enterprise drive (not cheap!) and that NAIM chose this solution for good reason. This was the most sensible solution in 2010/2011 when the HDX SSD was introduced. There should be other options available today (2020) to maintain the discontinued all-in-one components. I sincerely hope NAIM will continue to support the HDX and its less expensive variants as far as these optical, system, and storage drives are concerned.

Hi Neil, because of my scenario / related issues (paralysed from my chest down - MX accident way back in '89!) my HDX is a HUGE part of my life; purchased in 2015 and because of its menu’s/diaplay etc - which is connected via the VGA to a 17" monitor for ease of viewing - it was the first time since ‘89 that I could interact with my CD collection and would like to keep it as my source component… I have to spend approx’ 19 - 20 hours on my bed (NOT out of choice!) and in turn listen to my music between 7 - 10 hours (sometimes more!) per day!
With the above in mind: I would like to be able to go down the SSD path IF it is at all possible (ideally 2T, or even better 3T storage)… when recently contacted Naim via my HiFi shop, was told SSD upgrade no longer an option; is there realistically any way round this? Thanks in advance, kind regards, Simon.

Hi Simon, the HDX cannot be fitted with an SSD capable of holding a music store (perhaps @NeilS can confirm this?) but given that the HDX, like all UPnP servers, can access music stored on more or less any drive on your network, you can easily add SSD or HDD storage elsewhere. Once set up, the music on such a drive would be merged into a single library along with anything on the internal drive, and controlling the HDX would not be any different.

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…thanks Chris’, much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

If @NeilS confirms perhaps your dealer can help set this up for you.

Hi Simon,

The above posts are correct, the only available option for the SSD is a 16GB as it only holds the operating system, SQL database & image cache. The music store would be held on network attached storage, along with any network shares.
Your current HDX 2TB has the ability to access both music stores & shares accross a network too.
If you don’t already, I would recommend a NAS drive for both storage expansion & backing up your current internal library.

As an aside, I heard via the grapevine today that we have sourced some of the original SSDs (TBC).


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