HDX & Unitiserve

My present setup includes an HDX, which operates as a ripper / server to my streamer, both connected via a network switch.

I recently acquired a 2 Tb Unitiserve, and was thinking it might provide an additional backup to the HDX, itself already backed up to a NAS.

However, once connected to the network switch, then powered up, it failed to show up in n-Serve on either my MacBook or iPad.

This morning, I pulled the HDX network cable from the switch, and tried again, and there it was on both laptop and iPad.

Does this mean that n-Serve will only see one server at a time, or am I just being dense? :man_shrugging:

I can’t imagine the use of multiple servers was ever considered when Naim developed them. So yes, I think it’s likely that you would need to run only one of them at a time. Do you need to run them both simultaneously?

Not at all, though it would seem to render it impossible to copy existing music across from the HDX to the Unitiserve.

I’ll investigate copying from my Synology NAS instead, and keep the Unitiserve updated that way.

Seemed like a good idea at the time. :man_shrugging: :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure if a restore from backup would work for a music store that was created by a different device? I guess the easy option is to copy the backup folder from the NAS to the US downloads folder.

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Cheers Chris,

I’ll have a bash over the next day or so, and report back.

Hopefully, the Unitiserve will not prove to be completely redundant. :pray:

Good luck! If I were you I would copy batches of music if you do it manually, rather than doing the whole library in one go. Then it it stalls or loses connection it’s a much smaller mess to sort out.

Dave - if you know and follow the logic of the filing system used by HDX / UnitiServer, it is possible to manually move ripped files :slight_smile:
It was traditionally discouraged by NAIM (for very good reasons).
I’ve done this on many occasions and the process works.

Essentially you can load up the library from HDX to UnitiServe, in a process that resembles drag-and-drop using your Mac.

HDX and UnitiServe should both appear as network servers.
You just choose from which you stream….

Hi Adam,

The problem I have is that on my MacBook, Finder will display only one or the other of the HDX and Unitiserve, depending on which one is hooked into my switch.

If they’re both connected, then I can see the HDX but not the Userve. The weird thing is that they each show up under the same IP address, though I’m not sufficiently network savvy to know whether or not this matters.

It looks as if I may have to transfer my music to the Unitiserve from my NAS, unless I can figure out how to have both the Unitiserve and the HDX displayed at the same time, and, as you say, drag and drop.

Why is it never easy?

Hello Adam! Long time no see! I hope you have been safe and well during these past two years?



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If they both appear under the same IP address, then it will never work for you. This is the sort of problem that arises when people start fixing IP addresses instead of leaving it to DHCP.

I think you really need to reset them both to DHCP or if you insist, set them to different fixed IPs.

Give us a clue then, David … you’re speaking a foreign language to this networking numpty, I’m afraid.

Any device that uses your network, whether wired (ethernet) or wireless needs an ‘address’ so that it can be communicated with on the network.

Like a street the addresses need to be unique or the post man is going to do his nut.

You can manually set an address (fixed IP, or naming your house like a nonce) or you can have DHCP (set automatically by the council)

The council version tends to be the best place to start if you want to get letters.


Hey David
It’s been an extremely bussy couple of years - decided to set up my own business a year ago.
Nothing better than doing it in the middle of a global pandemic :rofl:

If they both have the same, fixed IP address, you will never see them connected at the same time.

I would revert to using DHCP - that means that you let the network assign the IP addresses.

What are you doing here Adam, I thought your Unitiserve died years ago? :open_mouth:

It still refuses to stop working :rofl:

Mine too!

Funny enough… it seems to have died overnight… shutting it down and re-starting works well (as in - UnitiServe does not get stuck on the blinking green logo).

But my network stopped ‘seeing it’… I will re-set the switch later on, but have a feeling it won’t cure the problem (I use type of Cisco switch, which in theory should not require any re-starts).

Activating MinimServer on my NAS for now….

As always - UnitiServe rips are still in WAV, so no metadata available for MinimServer to read :roll_eyes: