Head phone set up?

How do I go about adding a good qualty headphone to my Naim NAP 250-DR power amp and NAC- 285 pre amp? I am guessing I would need a dedicated headphone Amp pluged into the pre Amp. Which models would you recomend?

The FAQ to the rescue…

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Hi Tyendra325,
I have a 282/250DR set-up but have approached the headphone connection slightly differently to that which Richard D has suggested. My front end is an NDX2 and I utilise both outlets - the DIN output goes into the 282/250DR/speakers and the RCA output goes into a Violectric V280 headphone amp. F.Y.I. my headphones are Meze Empyreans. For me this setup works just great.
The Violectric V280 is a great headphone amp in my opinion, but as ever, its a personal choice.

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If you do this be sure to disable the unused output - performance is impaired somewhat with both source outputs enabled.


Hdd out on super nait2 to trilogy 931 headphone amp.
Focal clears.

Just had my old olive Headline serviced. It was in the loft and unloved I am sad to say. Bought some cheap Sennheisers and now have the option to listen on cans again.

A second hand Headline will keep it Naim based and inexpensive. Adding the Atom HE a more expensive option. Or get a 222…

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