Headline connection

I have just purchased a headline2 and don’t know which input to use. It says plug 4 on my hi cap but that is already in use for my nac 282. Help!

A Headline requires a Power Supply. Such as a HiCap (or FlatCap or iSupply).

But… a HiCap can only power one item… such as an NAC282.

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From Naim Audio website -

See Page 5.

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Can your power amp power your 282? That would free up your HiCap for the Headline during headphone sessions. If not - you’ll require a separate PSU for the Headline.

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I have read the Naim tutorial on the headline but the 5 pin din lead I have supplied with it has nowhere in my system to go. I have an ndx2 nac 282, napsc,nap 250dr and hi cap. Any suggestions

250 means you need that extra power supply - sorry. I would have hoped that the seller of the Headline would have mentioned that.

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There are two connections on the Headline Power and Signal. The captive cable terminated in a 180deg DIN5 plug takes the audio signal from the pre-amp. This can connect to any of the DIN5 outputs on the 282 (Tape in/out , Av in / out , Aux 1 in / out)

You also need a power cable to connect the Headline to an appropriate Naim PSU. A flatcap / Hicap etc would need a SLIC cable (2 pin plug to 240deg DIN5 plug).

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(Of course - I’d forgotten that I had to buy a SLIC as well as a separate item).

I’ve never used a 282 - I don’t suppose the aux2 would power the Headline - as the 552 can - ? (and for best sound quality removing that connection when not in use).

From a power perspective, it supplies 24v on the right 240deg socket, but as you’re connecting the signal too, you’ll end with a ground loop and degraded performance.

On a 552 (and 252), you have the Aux2 socket taking dedicated rails straight from the 552PS / Supercap (via the Burndy). With the 282 you’d be sharing other power rails internal to the pre-amp.

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OK - as I say I have no idea about 282 - but I can confirm that powering Headline from 552 sounds better than a dedicated HiCap DR. I just disconnect again when going back to speakers.

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Another option for powering a Headline is to buy a second NAPSC, which comes with a built-in secondary power cable with the two pin screw connector (effectively a SLIC, as mentioned above), just like on your 282.

(Note: you cannot “borrow” the existing NAPSC from the 282 - the 282 will not work without it).

Obviously a NAPSC (in either olive or Classic case) will be cheaper than a Hicap. and will still sound pretty reasonable.

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Flatcaps and Supercaps at either end of the price scales are additional alternatives. Flatcap gets a VFM vote from me, but confess I haven’t compared to NAPSC which is a very popular otion.

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Does that mean another hi cap needed?

Yes, or one of the other power supply options that have been mentioned on the thread.

AIUI, you have a NAC282 and a NAP250. As the 250 does not incorporate a “preamp power supply”, you are using your existing Hicap and NAPSC to power the 282; both are required for that purpose.

You have acquired a Headline. The Headline requires its own dedicated PSU. This PSU can be a iSupply, NAPSC, Flatcap, Hicap or Supercap. Only the NAPSC has an integral secondary power lead suitable for the Headline; all the others will need an adaptor of some sort.

The 282’s Aux2 socket does indeed provide a secondary supply output, but that is intended for a Stageline or Superline phono stage, and probably not recommended for use powering a Headline.

As I said above, your cheapest option is a NAPSC. It’s OK, even “pretty darn good” :grin:.

(FWIW, I have both a Headline (olive) and a Headline 2 (black case). I have run them both from NAPSC (olive) and NAPSC 2 (black case) . I currently run my Headline 2 from an olive Hicap - because (a) I had a spare Hicap, and (b) it has an on/off switch! :laughing: )

I still don’t understand. I need an input for a 5 pin din slic lead from my Headline


Connect the signal input to one of the spare outputs on your 282

Connect the headline power socket input to a suitable supply. You may need a SLIC cable here depending on the PSU you have.

You’ll need a power supply for the Headline; either an i-Supply (H), NAPSC, Flatcap, HICAP, or Supercap.

Only the Flatcap, HICAP, or Supercap need the SLIC lead, the i-Supply (H), and NAPSC have the necessary captive leads (and adaptor in the case of the i-Supply (H)).