Headline Headphone Amplifier + NAPSC Power Supply & Nait XS

Hello everyone!

I have the opportunity to buy an Headline/NAPSC combo at a good price.

I was wondering if the combo is compatible with the Nait XS? What is the optimal connection scheme?

If I use the DIN “tape” output to connect the headline with a captive DIN cable, how will I be able to listen to the AUX2 (stageline) and CD inputs, for example? In other words, if I select the CD button on front panel as the source selected, how do I get the headline to take its signal from the tape output, which also has its button on the front panel?

Also, since the Headline has a volume control, shall I manage to find the “sweet spot” between the Nait XS volume control and the headline volume control settings?

Finally, for a somewhat similar price difference in the used market, would it be more advantageous to upgrade to the Nait XS2 wich include an headphone socket? Are the headphone outputs about the same “quality” ? On paper, having the headphone circuitry outside in its own case powered by an external power supply seems to be the winning formula but I have read comments indicating that the Nait XS2 performed better than the XS (specially in the low frequency region) and that the output of headphones was of an irreproachable sound quality …

Thank you.

The tape socket has input and output functions. The output on this socket will reflect what source you have selected - select CD and that will appear on the tape output. This output is at a fixed level so the Nait volume control is bypassed and the Headline volume control is the only one used to set the Headphone volume.

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More info re. Headphone amps and Naim can be read here in the FAQ;

I would imagine that the Headline + NAPSC would be a good step up on the internal headphone amp in the NAIT XS2.


@hungryhalibut is your man. Unbeatable for all the Naim connectings.
Or James too.

Thank you very much James for your prompt, detailed but simple explanation. Your reply just cost me a few hundred dollars … :wink:

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you get the spirit

Oh dear… The Headline is a good little amp so I’m sure it’s money well spent :+1:

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