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I have just dug out an old Headline I have with a view to starting using it again. I was looking at the connections and trying to remember how I need to connect it to my system. I seem to recall (but could be wrong) that I need to use a NAPSC to power the Headline. I use a NAPSC with my 82, but I do have a spare one. Am I correct in thinking I need to use a NAPSC?

Presumably, I connect the Headline to the 82, but which socket should I use?

The NAPSC is fine and will connect straight into the Headline. You can of course use, any of the other supplies (Flatcap, Hicap, Supercap) with a SLIC cable to power the Headline too. Any of the sockets labelled 4,5 and 6 can be used to provide a signal output to the Headline.

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This covers the basics;

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Thanks James - that’s helpful.

Thanks Richard - that’s really helpful. I didn’t think to look at the FAQs.

Hi, @Neil-26.

Having recently traded my tired FC2X for a fresh FCXS, I can recommend the latter wholeheartedly. A HiCap DR is better; but the FCXS is excellent.


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Thanks Nick. Noted, that’s an interesting idea.

Advice a BOT could give you, of course. But I am not (a BOT). :wink:. Punctuation, is the tell.

I’ve currently got mine (NAHA-2) powered by a (olive) Hicap. Sounds pretty good but I am not convinced that it’s hugely better SQ over using a NAPSC - but it does mean I don’t have to scrabble around on the floor looking for the mains ON/OFF switch :laughing: . Cans are Sennheiser HD650.

As ever, YMMV :slight_smile:

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