Headphone amp

Does anybody know if you can connect a headphone to nac252? If so how do you connect it.

Yes, just use one of the Record in/outs. The DIN Headline is good to go, but for a different headphone amp you may need a Tape interconnect or one that’s custom made (REC OUT pins connected at the DIN end).

To be clear, that’s connecting a headphone amplifier to the 252. Headphones can’t be directly connected if that was the question.

I’ve been thinking about that myself given the current circumstances. Not normally a big headphone fan, but…

Yes connecting directly to 252.

Ah, OK, no you can’t. There’s no onboard headphone amp. Due to the thread title I assumed you mean’t you were trying to connect a headphone amp (and thanks Marksnaim for pointing it out) to the NAC252.

Yes a headphone amp directly to nac252.

Then yes you can. You just need to connect the headphone amp to one of the REC in/out DINs, taking signal from the REC out pins. Make sure the Record circuits are not muted and use the lower bank to select the source you wish to listen to.

Which headphone amp is it?

It will be the sennheiser HDV 820 I have not got it yet.

OK, you’ll use the unbalanced input on RCA phonos on the HDV820. You’ll need a suitable DIN to RCA Phono interconnect. As I mentioned earlier, the DIN will need to have the REC OUT pins connected, so may well need to be a custom made for purpose.

OK thanks for your help.

Hi the tape out is that the one.?

Yes, tape out.

Hmmm, this thread has got me thinking. Apologies for the minor detour …
I’ve been mulling over the possibility of buying a headphone amp for late night listening on the bedroom system, however Richard wrote “Make sure the Record circuits are not muted and use the lower bank to select the source you wish to listen to.”
I was hoping to use the headphone amp with my Nait5i (non italic), is this possible as it obviously has no lower bank of buttons.
Another question (assuming I can connect to a Nait) - Does using the volume control on the headphone amp to control the volume mean I’ll be listening to the headphone amp and not the Nait or is that dependent on which headphone amp I use?
Steve O.

If there’s no rec out selector like the lower row buttons, you will listen to the selected source. The difference is that you can’t listen to seperate sources via speaker and headphone. In both cases the speaker volume is controlled by the main amp, the hp volume by the headphone amp.

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Right, got you, thanks.
So I’ll be listening to the sonic signature of the headphone amp, not the Nait.
Steve O.

Yes, the Headphone amp is just fed the signal from the source via the pre-amp REC out.

Thanks guys.

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