Headphones/Olive system


I wonder if I could ask you advice.
I have the following system
Nac 92R
2x NAP140
Credo speakers.
I would like to buy some decent headphones and understand that I need a seperate headphone amp, which gives me several questions.
1 if i buy a used headline do i need a napsc power supply.
2 with my set up where do i plug in a lead .
3 what lead do i need and where do i source one.

Photo enclosed of my kit.
Output 5 goes to number 4 on the flatcap
Output 4 goes to input naixo
Input 2 goes to cd

Am i missing something as i dont appear to have a free output port.

Please be gentle, i am not technical.

Thank you in advance


Bit of a left field approach but maybe something like the new Bluesound Node X which has an excellent headphone amplifier built in and will also give you a complete steaming solution…

There are Tape Outputs on Inputs 4 & 5, I believe, on the NAC92.

Thats where a Headphone amp could connect.

You would need a lead correctly configured for Tape Output - a DIN to Phono lead.

  1. Yes. The NAPSC will come with a built in lead to power your Headline. (FWIW, you can also run a Headline from a dedicated FCap or HiCap, but in this case you will need a special lead - I think it’s called a SLIC).
  2. Whichever socket has “Tape out”. See your user manual, but I think Ian has got it.
  3. Choose a Headline with a “flying” DIN signal lead (they are also available with a flying lead to two RCA connectors), and connect it to the socket as above.

Again FWIW, I run a Headline “2” (in the more modern black case) from an Olive HiCap (coz I had a spare), driving Sennheiser HD650 cans.

BTW, I think your DIN4 to the IXO should be taken from the Flatcap, rather than the 92, something along these lines (slightly different units in this picture, but the principle is that the preamp connects (signal & power) to its PSU and the signal is then onwards transmitted from the PSU to the power amp or electronic XO.)

Thank you both, i dont have any manuals, how do i find out if its 4 or 5 ?
Where do i source a correct lead?
If i dont want to spend the considerable cost of the highline , what else would do the job?
I had ear marked the hd650 phones, at least i am on the right track.

If you Goggle for “Naim 92R” you will come across the manual on the interweb, and can be downloaded

  • in fact most Naim manuals are somewhere “out there”.

Here’s an extract:

So Inputs 4 or 5 will do very nicely :grin: The hardwired “flying lead” with DIN connector on your Headline (Olive or newer Black) is already configured to go in skts 4/5.

If you use an “Olive Era” “bent tin box” NAPSC, then no other leads are required - mains and secondary supply leads are hardwired, just like your CD3.5.

If you use the “newer” black NAPSC “2” then only the secondary supply to the Headline is hardwired, and you will need a bog standard “kettle” (IEC) lead for the mains (primary) power.

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Thank you again, play time tomorrow i will move the lead see what happens.

This should help:


Current/recent Naim manuals are here -

Naim Manuals

Recent gear, yes, but you won’t find any olive stuff like the OPs system in there. You’d need to dig a little deeper online for that.

Err, I said… Current/recent Naim manuals… :expressionless:

Trying To Help But Failing…

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Class A have older Naim manuals for download.

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BTW, am I correct that the signal lead to the IXO should come from the Flatcap, rather than the NAC92R?

It’s some time since I fiddled with my leads, and I am getter older!

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Wow. And they do, too…! I will not post a link, as… rules… :slightly_frowning_face:

There is a Downloads link on the Class A landing page - 5th from left.

Yes, you take the pre-out signal from the power supply powering the NAC92R to the IXO.


Leads swapped as discussed this morning, all works , while i was at if, following something on here i read recently, revading credos, about speaker position, i moved mine a good foot from the wall and i have to say a significant improvement in stage and bass, so two thank yous.

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