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Hi all
Was just looking back at some old topics relating to naim’s headline amp. It is a shame that they don’t make something that can compete with the competition.
I have a headline linked up to a hi-cap 2
and got myself a pair of second hand Alpha Dogs headphones. I’ve yet to try our a really hi-end pair of headphones. But I am very impressed with the alpha dogs current set up NDX BT 252 headline powered by a hi-cap 2, 300 chord Sarum with Sarum T banana, plugs connected to some kudus titan 606. I have another 3m length of Sarum and a 242 Plus 2 x Nap 200. Ideally I need another 300 but I’m going to listen to the 300 plugged into the HF and run one of the 200’s the LF at some point. Will add a NDS or NDX 2 at some point
So I’m guessing synergy must come into play here because the alpha dogs that I’ve got sound very very good so good that I’m very curious about what can be achieved with a hi end pair of headphones. So I guess the next question has to be what headphone amp and headphones would compliment the 252. :thinking:

In my experience headphones are very personal. Not just better/worse but also likeable vs not, comfortable or not (which is far from guaranteed) bright vs warm etc etc. This is more the case perhaps than what specially suits your system.

So this is not answering your question!

Give us a budget, open or closed style and some pointers to the music you like and the ‘style’ of sound you prefer. Then some options to audition may appear. S/H can be a good option too.

There is also the issue of headline and HiCap vs Headline supercap and a huge number of non-naim options to further complicate. Surely only answered by proper demos.

Or just read this thread and be totally overwhelmed…


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My (lowly) Violectric 200 seems fine with 252, ‘better’ than my old Headline…but… I’ve never heard the big Violectric (V281)

I run my Sennheiser 650 from a Headline2/Hicap(olive) combo, tapping off an 82/Supercap preamp.

It does the job for me.

I’m sure it can be “bettered”, but heck, life’s too short…………

I got myself some Audeze LCD 2 Classic. they are much better than the Alpha Dogs for sure and worth 475.00 look like new and sound brilliant. Really comfortable and really well made. What’s next :joy:

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I did the extra Nap 300 £2’100 so the NDX BT XPS is now my weakest link,
Next year I will be listening to the NDS and the NDX 2 with the XPS

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