Hell is

having to use an app that has replaced human to human interaction and requires yet another password, verification email and other irritants and personal intrusions. I feel for people that don’t have or want a smart phone or computer. How do they get by?


Litter is rapidly increasing - not just from car drivers chucking things out but pedestrians leaving bottles, cans, coffee cups etc on you garden wall as they pass and the mess we see around the local primary school increases significantly during term time.


My primary school headmaster used to smoke a pipe. He used to put it lit into his tweed trousers on occasion, at least until they started billowing smoke one day. I often wonder if it was an attempt at comedy as his impromtu demonstration of centrifugal force with a bucket of water he swung around vertically soaked him when he stopped moving his arm when it was above his head. Maybe he was trying to extinguish his pipe.

Quite glad my mother didn’t do the same tricks when she became headmistress at the same school. Don’t think a pipe would have suited her at all and I’d never have lived it down.


I guess it depends what they expect you to tolerate.

Looks like the edge of a hospital grounds, deposited by staff on the whole. :wink:

I think someone else said that dropping butts on the ground is apparently not deemed littering and accepted. Over here in the north we see the accumulation after the snow melts. Not a pretty sight. There are also rules about not smoking within 9 m of a doorway so the piles tend to be at that distance. On the other hand it looks like there are still a few puffs left in some in the photo and there are people that will take advantage of that.

I think it was a very clever joke from @Xanthe


Correct (about the joke), not so sure about the clever though!


After living in Japan for well over half my life, I am just gobsmacked by the filth on the streets when I go back to the UK or Belgium. The UK especially though. I just can’t comprehend the mentality.

Oddly enough though, my recent visits to Colorado were nearly as spotless as Japan. Well done Denver. Well done Longmont.


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I am just gobsmacked by the filth on the streets when I go back to the UK or Belgium. The UK especially though. I just can’t comprehend the mentality.

I feel much the same , I live in a lovely part of the English countryside , I go for a walk and sometimes I do litter collect . I’ve also been involved in a campaign to restore an asset of community value , trashed by a council that was supposed to protect it.

Large or small it boils down to an indifference to our environment , flora , fauna and yes each other .


I try not to compare as it depresses me, but living here in France there is a noticeable cultural difference in the self interest and appreciation of others. Nothing is perfect and even here things are changing but the trash culture when returning to the UK is marked from the moment you leave the airport or tunnel. Very sad.


We lived in CH for some years and it was more or less litter free…

We now live in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, unfortunately many of the visitors seem positively intent on leaving as much litter behind as they possibly can…the stupidity of people seems to know no boundaries…

The UK is such a hypocritical nation in so many ways…



I despair at the number of cigarette butts discarded at the side of the main road through my village. Judging by so many of them being only half-smoked, I can only conclude that cigarettes are still far too cheap!

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I dunno, there are some mucky bits of France…!

I agree though, the attitude to littering and dumping stuff by some (many?) in the UK irritates me no end.

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Of course. I was talking of the general attitude though.

We walk frequently at a local heath and there is often rubbish dumped in the car park. But a new low was reached last week when we saw someone had dumped a child’s disposable nappy and plentiful contents just off one of the paths from the car park.

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A whole new generation of people have been created who have been told they are “wonderful” and believe somebody else will clear up after after them because their parents did just that.

My missus had gone to Morrison’s and some kid was charging about banging into her trolley, “Oi!, She shouts”, then some woman appears. My missus points to the kid and asks the woman if she is the owner? The woman glared at her and said, “I’m the parent”, my missus said,“don’t glare at me, I’m not the one running round banging into other people’s trolleys!”


People… who cannot or will not respect others opinions - or seem to insist on disagreeing… :angry:

I am 59 years old and used to work for BT for 10 years.

But I only got a smart phone six months ago.

Many things about it I hate e.g. how much it tracks me and sells me to data brokers and other third parties.

How the software is designed to monetise my behaviour, speech and private activities rather than help me.

But obviously it’s useful to have Google Maps, a camera, email, et cetera in my pocket.

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