HELP ! files are NOT playing…

As I said: ALL my files have been reworked the same way…
I’m still discovering albums that don’t play in my collection !
Frustrating !
Especially when you don’t know what’s the issue…

Did you try MP3tag? I see there is an option to remove the tag data, so perhaps you could try this on 1 or 2 tracks then manually just add back the basics.

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 16.22.41

I’ll try tomorrow, but I’m quite sure it’s not a tag issue…

Possibly, but may help to rule it out. Did you also try Naim Support?

You appear to be at binary chop stage.

Try removing all tags via the tools I suggested, then converting to WAV and back to FLAC.

One of those must solve your issue - removing all tags clears anything strange there, and the conversion from WAV to FLAC and back removes any possible issue with the audio blocks.

We’re not allowed to share files on this forum or I would help you diagnose (we have a Core).

This sort of issue was why I created the above post.

The nightmare world of the laughably-named UPnP. (Someone will come on here and proclaim it to be straightforward, followed by three pages of unintelligible instructions that one has to follow to get it to work.)

Nevertheless it could be a contributing factor. I would still try playing one of the offending album’s unadulterated by whatever this ‘reworking’ process is.

I tried this on 3 different songs from 3 different artists… nope !

I think this is certainly worth a try, again for elimination purposes. Do you have some software that will do this?

Just a thought, I had an issue with some audiobooks that I inadvertently ripped to mp3 joint stereo, they wouldn’t play on my mu-so.

Can you have joint stereo flax files?

Not yet, but I can find one…
But what about the sound quality after 2 conversions ?
It’s like making a photocopy of a photocopy, no ?

And how to check that ? (never heard of this btw)

Converting to wav then back to flac is fully lossless. Just like unzipping a file a zipping it up again. Bear in mind that this remove the mp3 tag data again, so again just add the minimum

Ok, so… I redownload three of the no playing albums.
Rename with Bulk Rename Utility.
Then in TagScanner just clean the tags, nothing else, no “Discog cleanup”
Delete them in the Core and copy the new folders in.

It’s working Hihaaa !

Now I “just” need to go through ALL my collection to discover which albums are faulty…
Hours of fun in perspective…

Thanks all for the guidance :+1:

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Glad you got it sorted!

It would be interesting to know which tag breaks the Core, as it is likely a software bug.

As you said, other clients play the files as expected.

ONLY 865 albums to check…

I use ffmpeg for all conversion activities. Deals with just about any format or bitrate.

There is another tool called dsd2flac which can convert DSD files.

Is there an option to remove all tags except in the tagging software that you use, it’s a feature of mp3tag.

Might be worth trying the above first, before going through all your misic,

I don’t get the point… there’s already the minimum tags…
Besides, I’ve just overwritten an album with mp3tag, and it’s still not playing !