Help nas synology e 24 bit

Hi, please I have a problem and looking for help. I have a nas synology ds718 + and I put 16 and 24 bit music. I use media server and when I go to select music in 24 bit hd it gives me 16 bit. why? What can I do?

You need to be a bit more descriptive with some basics
What file codec are you using - FLAC, WAV etc
Are you transcoding
What Naim app are you using - iOS or Android

Its a long time since I used Media Server (see my sub-note) but I do not recall it having the ability to transcode from 24 to 16 bit, your music file is 24-bit - that cannot change. But where are you seeing this 16-bit indication ??? I assume on the Naim app

Synology’s ‘Media Server’ is very basic software.
Synology ‘Package Center’ also includes (free) Minimserver, this is a whole lot better compared to Media Server but its also needs Java & MinimWatch to work, so while its not difficult, its not as easy to set up.
I use Asset UPnP from Illustrate (the same family as dBpoweramp) & I highly recommend it. Its very easy to setup, they have a free basic trail version, so you can see how it works, then the full version is a one time life-time licence for €26.

Minimserver gave me problems on installation. He wanted Java. How can i install? My Java is already there. The files are 24 bit, it is very strange. I have all the formats (wav flac, aiff etc.) and I have selected transcoding

Asset is not there on synology apps …

It needs the Java revision included in the package Center, plus also MinimWatch for your GUI
You do need some basic computer skills

You need to go download it from " www.dBpoweramp ",
Look down the screen for Asset UPnP, open ‘Learn About Asset’, go to the bottom of the page & see ‘Download (30 day trial & free edition)’ & download the Synology version
Go to your Synology, open Package Center & Installed, open Install (manual install), browse to you PC/Mac download location & the Asset UPnP (.spk) will be there, touch to install.
After the install you need to go to your URL line, type in your NAS IP address followed by :45537 - for example mine (with X’s) is http://XXX.XXX.X.XXX:45537
This opens up a separate “Configuration” URL screen
(I have Synology & the Asset Config IP Address URL’s bookmarked in Goggle Chrome for easy access)

If you are happy with the trail version, you can go to the same www & go to ‘Buy’
You can search the dBpoweramp www & see what the basic trail version does & compared to the full version

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I am currently disappointed, I purchased this new nas synology just to hear a little better than the old nas wd. Please recommend the best software for the music streamer. And then once the Minimserver or other is installed, do you have to uninstall the current media server?

Minim is very good, yes you have to install java but its way better than ds audio. It doesn’t make any difference if you have both installed. DS Audio is handy if you are using the mobile app and wan’t remote access when you are away from home.


But x curiosity does the Synology base Media Server have the possibility to listen to 24 bit? Where should you set it? Thank you

Which Java? There are two!

Go to the media server app and uncheck the transcode audio file box. I had 3 Synology nas and never experienced the problem you are reporting

There is very little difference in SQ from one media server software to another, with a ‘better’ more modern & powerful NAS you will find faster, more power, able to do more things, but provided the CPU is able to process the very low power that’s required for audio (music) replay, the SQ doesn’t change so much.
And I have to say the DS718+ is has way more power (CPU & RAM) than is needed for audio replay, its top of the range 2-bay (please look back at your other thread on this subject)

You can run more than one media server, but I have to say that once I installed Asset UPnP & realised it was the best for me, by a long way better, there is no reason to have another software.

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Please send photos, now I’m using MediaServer

Yes it plays 24-bit, when I used Media Server it had no settings to change, the Naim app showed 24 or 16-bit or DSD64 correctly
You said in a previous post that you transcode - Synology Media Server when I used it was a very poor transcode software.

Please please, just install Asset UPnP.

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These screenshots are in Italian… but they should be useful I hope. So verify that the audio transcode is not enabled and this should fix your problem.

I did the synology installation yesterday and by default it was all selected. Also formats aac, alac, flac, aif etc. And at the beginning I didn’t even see the wav files … To listen to the wav something must be selected?

I have just reinstalled Synology Media Server t try to see your problem.
When I used it before I did not use transcode as my files are all WAV or DSD
Now I have tried it with a FLAC file playing as FLAC & also transcoding FLAC to raw PCM, and yes I can replicate your problem, when transcoding it shows a 24-bit file as 16-bit & looking at the other data its clearly playing 24 as 16-bit.
Like I said in my previous post, Media Server is just basic poor software.

Please try Asset UPnP, the trail version is free, its easy to install & is so much better than that Media Server

In my nas I have all the formats (aif, wav, flac, dsd, mp3, etc), did you also deselect the transcoding? Now I’m in the car. Later at home I try.

Yes. Deselect everything and the Naim app will show the correct file format.

I hope that for the 4k videos there is the right command …