Help! nDAC failure!

And for at least 10 secs according to the documentation. @MikeD check out the support page and search for reset:

No problems… less Fltwd M*c!

Worryingly, there’s still plenty of potential for @MikeD to upgrade. Depending on the exact upgrade / ‘nause-up’ transition ratio in play here, he could end up with a Statement-level system and only one listenable album…

More seriously, I’ve observed the same phenomenon moving from 272 to NDS / 252. No regrets though!

@MikeD Did you try the full reset and did it make any difference?

This thread has prompted me to queue up FM’s Rumours album - such a a great album indeed. Oh, and don’t get to ‘put the kettle on’ whilst doing a factory reset, tea is key through this process…

So I’ve reset and all appears well with the app functionality except that now my NAIM DAC is not functioning.

If I power down the DAC and then switch on, the “sync” and “hd” indicator lights flash back and forth then go dead. Album input is running, but nothing is happening. Pressing the front panel buttons does nothing. Everything is plugged in exactly as it was before reset. The DAC manual offers no indication. What am I not getting?

I’m assuming the correct channel input on the Ndac is selected? I think it defaults to channel one on a power down/up. If you are using the other inputs you will have to select them. Just a hunch?

I don’t understand what you mean by “channel”.

There’s two DIN to SPDIF inputs in the back. I’m connecting to the same one as before the reset.

There’s 5 buttons on the front:


Pressing them doesn’t make any difference.

What input are you using on the back?


The first SPIFD on the left if you were looking from the back is channel 1, so that should be green. If it’s the second one then it’s channel 2. Just wanted to check you were on the correct channel.

How do I “select” channel 2?

The rear “socket selection” switch merely toggles between DIN and RCA…

…for output I assume …

The front buttons “prev” and “next” do not make any difference.

On the Ndac front panel each button is marked 1 to 4. Just pressing the button should light it green, so if you had multiple inputs in the back, say a SPDIF from your streamer, a SPDIF from your CD digital out and an optical input from a video player you can toggle between them on the front panel.

If you have your SPDIF connection going to channel 2 and channel 1 is selected the sync light won’t be on. Does that make any sense?

Are you suggesting that the “prev” button selects channel 1 and the “next” button selects channel 2?

The input lead from thestreamer (DIN to Coax spdif) is in “channel 2”.

As I already said, pressing the front buttons makes no difference and if those buttons have no relationship with input “channel” settings. then how the hell do I do that?

Yes, press the button marked 2 and make sure it is green. I’d switch of your streamer and power it back up after 5 mins or so. When the Ndac sees it the sync light should flash and if the 2 button is green the sync light should stay on but only if you are playing music.

Done all that. Streamer flashed amber. DAC sync light flashed green. Streamer light went green. Sync light disappeared. Album playing on streamer. No sound. No sync light.

No change.

Any ideas, Richard?

I suppose it’s always possible that the latest firmware upgrade has resulted in a full reset making the ND5XS2 incompatible with the discontinued nDAC.

Have you made sure the ND5XS2 Digital Output is still enabled after resetting to the factory default settings ?

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That’s odd.

All I’ve got for Output settings is this.