Help needed with multiroom and airplay with first generation UnityQute

Following a home network rebuild I lost some networking and streaming capabilities.

I have a ND555, a 1st gen Muso and a 1st gen UnityQute all networked. The ND555 and UnitiQute are wired, the Muso not.

My first generation UnityQute lost its airplay and multi room capabilities. The multiroom entry is activated. The ND555 and Muso both work in the multiroom mode or with airplay.

I had to change the internet connection box. Then I added a mesh network but it didn’t correct the problem.

Do you have any idea to help me solve this problem?

Can you tell us in more detail who makes the network box and mesh components. I see you are in Paris, perhaps @frenchrooster based in France may know of your network provider/box……If you post those details.

The network box is an Orange Livebox 6 connected to the internet via fiber. I have added a pair of Deco X60 in access point mode.

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What do you see when you go into the uq settings? Specifically, what network info does it show?

Well… The display hasn’t been working for several years. And there is no way to look at the networking info using the Naim app.

Actually, the things got weirder since I just noticed that multiroom streaming works from the Muso to the UnitiQute and the ND555. But the ND555 can only stream to the Muso!

Sorry, i have not the single idea. It’s just a plug and play box, nothing to configure.
We need some tekies here, my french friend :rofl:

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I posted previously about my Muso 2. I had upgraded my network to Mesh. Muso won’t connect to it properly. I wired it to one of the Mesh routers and it’s fine.

Good Idea. The Deco is located close to one of the Deco X60. Will try that.

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Plugging the UnitiQute in the Deco X60 didn’t change anything. I also restarted the ND555. The problem is still there.

It was my best idea of the day and you shot it down……you frenchies😂


The Unitiqute never had Airplay support. It should do multiroom though, as long as it has the 24/192 streaming board and isn’t running very old firmware.

Just to eliminate a possible problem, what format are you streaming from ND555? If it’s a high res file, try something at CD quality (16/44.1) and see if that works into the Qute.

My UnitiQute has the old board, not the 24/192. This explains then why I am unable to multiroom streaming. Nevertheless, the strange thing is that the software allows to turn the multiroom entry on and off.

Thank you for your help.

Without the 24/192 board your streamer cannot function as a multiroom server, but it should still work as a multiroom client.

It doesn’t work as a client either.

I plan to send the UnitiQute to Naim to repair the display. I’ll ask them to look into the multiroom client problem also.

If you’re just wanting AirPlay2, just noticed Eve are bringing out the Eve Play.

Coax & Toslink digital and RCA analog out, it comes out mid November.

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