Help needed with radio

Hi, have my first Naim streamer since Thursday night. When trying to access internet radio nothing happens. The selection list never appears! Any suggestions what might be wrong? The preloaded favorites play but can’t search for other…

Thanks in advance!

Firstly, how is the ND555 connected to the internet?

Living in apartment with fiber and Ethernet cables in walls, so.
Router - 5e patch to “switch board” - wall cat 6 - 5e patch - Cisco - 5e patch - ND555

There is another thread running on this “Help needed with radio”
There is a problem with iRadio since last evening, I’ve had it on & off this morning.
I advise to watch the Help Needed thread & wait until that says its OK.

I have merged your thread with this existing one.

Please see Steve’s post above.

I have the same issue with both Uniti Atom & Muso (1st Gen) I have rebooted/ reset my router still no joy. I guess it’s a server issue so we’ll have to wait.

Thanks all! So it’s not me and my new streamer. (Just two hours of my life gone restarting devices, “reading” the customer-support side etc… :blush:)


iRadio (vTuner) appears to be back on. (UK)
I’m getting all my presets & can browse all ‘Locations’ that I normally use USA, SA, Caribbean, nothing appears to be missing.

It’s been coming and going for me, currently working though

Internet radio is working OK on my superuniti at the moment.

Seems to be fine with my NAC-N 272 now …

Working here as well now🙂

Hi Guys,

The fix is propagating through the internet at the moment.
Within 12hrs it should be all back to normal.

Its progress can be tracked here:


Steve Harris
Software Director


Many thanks @Stevesky for all your help and keeping us all posted.

I have deleted favourite radio stations from naim app and now I would like to get them back - for example KCRW Electra. Any idea where to find them?

KCRW is a USA station based in Santa Monica CA.
You’ll find it in iRadio>Locations>North America>California

Thanks Mike,
There are KCRW radiostations indeed, unfortunately I can’t find electra24

Sorry about that, maybe it’s not included in the vTuner listings anymore. Try a web search for it & if they have a URL you can load it into iRadio Added Stations

Yes, I will search for that station. Classic fm I believe I have found


KCRW Electra24 closed down quite a while ago, so we removed it from the Naim’s Choice area.