Help on speakers

Hi just looking for advice. I gave my speakers to my son. He took one of the covers off and discovered what he calls a protracor. Any ideas what this is?

Compass… for drawing circles or arcs.


One might suspect a naughty child hid this device rather than complete their homework :laughing:

“MUM I’ve lost my compass!”

In the days when such acts were not illegal, this would have garnered one a warm bottom.


An upgrade taking it out. :rofl:


I was bit in the long line …
Your son found this under the cover…
Wow - hopefully the one forgotten it there is not a doctor :smiling_face:

I never understood why something so sharp it went through my pencil case was a mandatory school item, many of my classmates at that age did not need easy access to such things :joy:

Perfect devices for 12 year olds to attempt tattoos or discover torture.

I presume they’re banned nowadays.


Not banned: most pupils are so disorganised they never have one to go all Lord Of The Flies on each other.


An excellent book, alas no doubt no longer recommended reading.

Lord Of The Flies is currently on the AQA GCSE English Literature syllabus. There are some good revision notes available on several websites.

Whilst we’re at it, is there anything else you want to check the banned status of?

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lol am just surprised such a book is still recommended in the days when cartoons on telly come with disclaimers.

Maybe modern reprints include some preface.

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All very strange - bit of a mystery. I have owned these speakers from new and occasionally have had the grill off them. Never seen anything out of place.

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A “pair of compasses”.

I have yet to inspect said speaker but apparently the ‘compass’ was in the cabinet (not sure the pic supports that). If this is actually right even odder. Bought the speakers over a decade ago and moved them once - after the move did not use them and decided to gift to my son along with my Nova - just trying to keep the hi-fi world going with the (relative) youngsters!
Sam thought one of the speakers was rattling through the bass and I suggested he take the cover off. I am meeting up with him tomorrow so I will grill him further.

Goes beyond posting pencils into the video player! Perhaps we annoyed the removal people…

Cover, grill, I see what you did there!



Would be crucial componentry with Tangent Loudspeakers


Those are some cracker jack speakers - “a free prize in the box :)”

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Actually, it is the compass, the protractor is/was the plastic 1/2 moon. They were often sold as a set with the point of the compass anchored in the protractor. Made it so I could draw a nice curved line, even with the straight edge never did master straight lines L