Help please!

Hi all, this morning while attempting to upload an album cover in a post I encountered a problem. When clicking on the upload icon this prompted an unrelated file to open on my laptop and not the normal forum prompt to chose where i would like to upload the image from? i will post a screen shot of the issue in the next post.
Any help would be appreciated.

Apologies for quality of photo, and not to confuse matters this post has been generated on my phone

Can you navigate to your chosen image from that screen?

Hi Neil, yes I can, I can still drag an image into the box but it only shows up as a jpeg in text and no picture

So the resultant post doesn’t show the image, just the file name and ext in text?

Yes, exactly, also once the white box shows on my screen It blocks any attempts to navigate to another site unless I close the box and I am back to square one.

Ok, Im not a windows user so not too sure.

When did this change? When did it last work OK? What has happened in the interim?

Everything worked as normal during Thursday evening, I was not on the net yesterday and then I encountered the problem with my first post this morning.

Perhaps a reboot of your PC may sort it?

If not, Im sure someone here will be able to diagnose the problem for you.


Thanks for taking the time Neil :+1:

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This looks like the normal “open file” dialog of Windows. Is it possible that you changed whether it shall show the folder content as picture vs a list? This would be the menu:

You might have to choose a different view after navigating to the folder with the images; I think the view is folder-specific.

It’s possible that you changed this inadvertently, because there are might be keyboard shortcuts for the different views (I found these online for the Windows File Explorer, but am not at a Windows machine right now and cannot test if they work in the “Open File” dialog):

Ctrl+Shift+1 Change View to Extra Large Icons
Ctrl+Shift+2 Change View to Large Icons
Ctrl+Shift+3 Change View to Medium Icons
Ctrl+Shift+4 Change View to Small Icons
Ctrl+Shift+5 Change View to List View
Ctrl+Shift+6 Change View to Details View

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Hi, I have tried changing these as suggested, but to no avail, thank you anyway :+1:

Strange things happening here as well, been like it since Friday.
When clicking on the upload icon I used to get a dialogue box asking to select local image or paste link, now it just gives a browser window to select file.
Have tried on 2 different macs running different version of OSX and a windows 10 machine same on all 3, tried different browsers safari and edge all with the same issue.

Has there been any updates to forum @Richard.Dane ?

Hi Graham, well at least it’s not just me :smiley:
Just one further thing I have noticed, I now have a red line demarcation between the last viewed post and the new posts in any thread I have visited this morning. Most strange.

Same here, there is one above your post

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the plot thickens!

Testing image upload

All seems OK here. There was an update done to the platform software yesterday.

I have that too, sounds like the forum software got an update, and most likely this also makes it now open the File Open dialog of Windows to choose images to upload. I never use the forum on Windows, so didn’t know that this is new behavior.

I use Linux, and the dialog window to upload an image was always the system’s File Open dialog - same as it is apparently now on Windows. This should still allow you to select a photo to upload, it’s the very purpose of the File Open dialog. If that’s really not working, something seems broken

Hi @Suedkiez , thanks for the explanation, but that’s all Greek to me, as they say?