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Hi all

I am a new member and would like some help if possible?

My equipment

LP12 with Stageline S

Naim 202 pre with NAPCS

Naim 200 power

Cyrus CD player

Cyrus Tuner

My question is, I am lead to believe that the Naim equipment should be left on? If so I get feedback from the speakers is there a way to reduce this?

Hi George,
welcome to this forum.
What kind of feedback are we talking of here?

Sorry feedback as in Noise coming from the speakers, when is left on.

Ok, that was clear, but can you describe the type and quantity of noise? A NAP200 is not perfectly silent at zero volume but the ‘noise’ is limited to a very faint hiss if you put your ear close to the tweeter. If the noise is something different, there might be an issue somewhere.

Are you powering the Stageline from the 202’s AUX2 socket?

Yes, I am powering the Stageline from the 202’s AUX2 socket.

So is the noise from the speakers just the ‘normal’ faint hiss from the power amp or something different?

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Yes just a faint hiss,
It’s ok to leave it all on?

Yes it is. Naim amps’ residual current is very low, consumption is not dramatic and they are actually designed to be always on.

You can see that external power supplies have an on/off button on the front panel, other things a power switch on the back. External PSUs are typically used with preamps and these cane be turned on and off because it takes a lot less for a preamp to ‘warm up’. Power amps are best left on so they’re always ‘ready’.

You can choose to keep everything on or turn something off at ease, it’s not a problem. But leaving it all on all the time is perfectly safe.


That’s normal with Naim amps - just leave them on, as Naim recommend. However, if you go away for a few days it’s best to turn them off. And very importantly, if you have an electric storm in the neighbourhood, turn off and unplug your hifi.


Right, a very sensible addition to my usually verbose reply…

Thank you

Thanks for the reply

The mute button should cut the residual speaker noise entirely

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Leave on, Press mute, is what I do,


I’ve just stopped a CD, turned the volume to zero and pressed Mute - but as I expected the very faint hiss is still there. I don’t think that Mute silences the power amp… And I don’t think that a very faint hiss can be audible anywhere in the room unless one is a bat or a dog, and also I doubt that Naim would have left it if it was an issue.

That said, everybody have a perfect right to be disturbed by something.

I wonder if there are any bats or dogs who are Members of this very exclusive Forum.

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Only stops signal going to amp,
Won’t stop amp hiss,
I do this in case the electric goes off,
If I’m not home to turn off,
Just something I’ve done for years,
Habit more than anything I suppose,
My kit always left on,

Apparently yes, there are.

I leave my system on but always turn volume to 0 and press Mute after each listening session…


Nothing to do with hiss from soeakers, but generally speaking it is always good practice to turn volume to zero when not in use. That particularly applies before turning things off and later back on, or unplugging sources etc, but it is a good habit as you can’t subsequently forget the volume was turned up before disconnecting something possibly causing a loud pop that potentially could damage speakers. It also guards against forgetting you were last playing something turned up high, and getting an unwanted blast when you next start playing, perhaps late at night. If there us a mute button then that would do the same thing. (But still need and separate power amp off before oreamp plugging/unplugging or switching ob/off.)

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If you ever get a hicap, pressing the mute button will stop that hiss…

and make your 202 sound better.

something to try as it is but im sure the hiss will still be there?