Help. The nas is off! But nobody turned it off

help, help help. This evening on the way home I found the nas synology turned off! No one was present in the house and the current did not go away. The web page of the disk station has also changed. I turned it back on with the blue front button and after an hour it turned off again. Today there was a motorway telepass system nearby. Is it possible that it interferes? What do I have to do? Synology ds 718 + new is in operation since 12/30/2019

I had the same problem last year. I had to send my NAS to synology . They gave me a brand new unit. So contact synology assistance. They provide an excellent service IMO

I turn it on and after a while it turns itself off! I have this page when it’s on

That’s your problem. The damn thing can’t speak English. How the hell is the Naim kit supposed to understand? :rofl:


Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. I turn it on and off after a while. I don’t know why. I haven’t touched anything. The photo is the energy screen of the DS.

I just wrote to find out if anyone else had similar problems

My Italian is not so good but it looks like that screen photo is showing that the Synology has been set to Hibernate (sleep) atfter 15 minutes of inactivity.
When it’s off, does it wake up & run when you open Touch) UPnP (Media Server or Minimserver) on your Naim app
If so, that’s Hibernate.

Ok. Hibernation I think is normal. Could the problem be the last item selected below that activates the automatic shutdown?

I noticed yesterday and tonight that when it was off the LED of the power plug remained green and on the Cisco Catalyst the RJ 45 light was still green! :thinking:

Right now I noticed that the two green lights of the two red wd hard disks were off. On the PC I went to the web page of the disk station and they turned on! Very strange

Sorry Mike, but as a non-synology expert I ask you if hibernating hard drives is useful? Please send me your screen of how you use hibernation?

Mine works fine and is set like this

Not sure the Naim app sends a WOL packet to wake devices up or not.

Thank you from me now it is so. Later I send you the photo of the nas when it goes into hibernation …

Ciao Andrea, I agree you are not an expert but you should try to get help locally, join a small basic computer school class, meet people who can help you, they might not be Synology experts but will know NAS & networks.
From what I’ve read about your set up it leaves me with a lot of questions, why Naim US & WD NAS along with Synology for example. I am sure a computer person can help you rationalise this.

Anyhow back to your questin: Hibernation is an energy (power) saver, it sends the NAS into a sleep mode & althugh still using some power, its a lot less. When the NAS is commanded to ‘wake’ from hibernation, its a faster & softer HDD start up, not so hard on the HDD such as with a full cold startup.
It is useful if you are only using the NAS for limited periods (for example just during the evening). If you use it a few times during the day then it’s better to consider if its worthwhile visa vi potential HDD life -vs- energy saving. If you only use it at weekends, then I would power off the NAS during the week
(others will have other opinions)

I have my NAS running without hibernation at the moment, however in another time when I am travelling each day I have it set as the picture - but please be aware there are many other NAS functions & settings that over-ride hibernation, but thta is a whole year of a Synology teaching class.

Thanks Mike, you are always very kind and efficient. I’m learning synology, I use windows and Mac PC well, only synology settings are new to me! Probably the problem was that automatic shutdown had been selected as in my first photo. I don’t know who did it and in any case if I had done it at the initial installation it hadn’t worked until today. This morning I see that when he goes into hibernation the lights of the two HDDs and the status go out. It is a novelty this morning. In fact, they are all on now. Is it essential to have log hibernation enabled? Later I send you photos of when he hibernated. However, I’m afraid synology’s made updates to the system yesterday afternoon.

Now that it is in hibernation it is so. The comumqe fan turns and works and feels

If you send me photos of the various general settings of how you have it, I am very grateful, I understand them on the fly

Your Synology & its operating LED’s are completely different to mine, so they mean nothing.

Yes I was aware Synology had a software update in the hopper, but only to fix specific vulnerable’s with a limited list of models.
I believe your NAS is a DS218+ (??) if so the current software is 6.2.2-24922-4.
Leave the NAS set to download latest software. But look out for when the update includes an install of a program package you don’t use, this takes up CPU & RAM resources. If it happens just delete it, it’s then stored in Package Centre (on www)