Help! Upgrade suggestions?

I’m going 'round in circles and can’t decide what my next upgrade should be? I’d be grateful for suggestions. My current system is:

Uniti Core
NAC 282
Hicap DR
Nap 200
B&W 804s

welcome to the forum @Arc7

for me either of the following upgrades - either 555 PSU for NDX 250DR, SC or SCDR for your 282 or Fraim - you don’t mention it in your profile so forgive me if you have one or

A NAP250 DR is the obvious choice but don’t overlook a NAP 300 (DR or non DR) either if you are feeling flush or a decent used one comes along although then a Supercap is a good idea!


Hi Arc.

What is this lot sitting on?
My initial thinking is most definitely amp given what speakers you are using.


Obvious choice - NAP250.
But subject to as @popeye says the system being already on a suitable support system… :thinking:

I hadn’t considered the mount; I have a wide, Atacama Elite Eco, set up as my TV sits on top. Could switch to a Fraim, but then I’d be stuck with what to do with the TV as I don’t have a lot of space to work with.

Thanks, I was thinking of jumping to the 300, but the cost was making think twice!

Thanks, I have a wide, Atacama Elite Eco, as my TV sits on top - it came recommended and wasn’t cheap, so I hope it’s up to the job!
I’m encouraged by your amp comment, I was thinking of swapping the 200 for a 300, but wasn’t sure if my speakers had more in them…

Thanks, I have an Atacama unit which I think is sufficient and suits my set-up. Seems the power amp is the favoured route otherwise…

Hi and welcome,

Well what do you want to improve? Because what you have is a pretty well matched system albeit I don’t anything about your speakers. However, first thought would be to replace the 200 with a 250DR.



I feel that a 300dr is too good for 804s. For that money you could upgrade your speakers and buy a 250 dr. My feeling.

Thanks, that’s a good question; I guess I’m looking for more soundstage and transparency. The 250DR seems a good bet, but now I’m into serious money territory, I was thinking of stretching to a good used 300DR.

If you could forego DR, you would spend less…

That was my concern too; do you have any speaker suggestions, if I added the 250DR?

There are too many, like better BW, Kudos 505, Totem, Proac…all different. Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, Apertura…

Wow. So these are £7k Speakers…? Am I correct…?

If so - IMO (YMMV) - you system is very unbalanced - and you either need to upgrade you Power Amp OR sell your Speakers. If you sold your 804’s, you would have a fair amount of cash to spend on much better amplification and some different speakers (see @frenchrooster 's post above).

[In a way, you have a 1960’s style system - with very expensive speakers. Here in NaimWorld ©, its more usual I think, to have the opposite - expensive amplification (and sources) with modest speakers. IMO - YMMC, etc. Interwebzzz…]

I think they are the 804S, which cost under £3,000 when current. They still need lots of power though.

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The 804s cost me £3,000 new, about 15 years ago, so I don’t think they compare to the later model? Maybe either the 250 or 300 is the best next step for me…


I thought they were more on 3k , as HH said. With 9k to spend, there are some choices. 300dr or 250 dr and better speakers.

I have run my B&W 805N for a number of happy years on 200, 300 and now 300DR

but B&W do need good control so if the speakers are staying 250Dr would offer more