Help with a Unitiserver T2

Hi was wondering if any one could help. I was ripping some CDs this afternoon when one CD seemed to be stall. I’ve tried to eject and nothing. Turned off waited a while and fired it back up. It now just keeps flashing and I can’t discover on my network. Has anyone had the same problem or have any idea how to fix.

Is the CD still inside the machine? If so you need to find the little hole on the faceplate and inset a paper clip end to manually eject it. Try to turn off the machine in the normal way after that. Fully unplug and wait 10 to 15 minutes before starting up again and then keep your fingers crossed.

Yes the CD is still inside. Ive tried to eject via the little pin and nothing has happened. It’s now turned off and has been for over an hour.


Apologies if you are familiar with the manual eject process but if not here is what the manual says. I had one occasion where I had the same issue but can’t remember if the manual eject works when the machine is ‘off’. It was a stubborn CD that refused to eject and took a couple of determined prods to get it out. Failing that you may need to contact the Naim help desk to get advice on the best way forward.

No joy?

Just boxing it up now to take to the dealer tomorrow morning. Spoke to Naim (UK) last night they think the CD drive is cactus. Hopefully that’s all it is, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Good luck. Hope it can be fixed at a reasonable cost.

Don’t think anything cheap when it comes to servers.

I’m about to migrate to Asset on the NAS. I still like the Unitiserve and it’s given me several years of good service but have a nagging feeling that I’m on borrowed time in terms of its longevity. It seems that the majority of people (those that aren’t running Melco or something similar) are running Asset or Minimserver quite happily.

I’d have to agree it’s not a product I feel completely comfortable with it, it’s always worried me. I have been looking at the Melco stuff. Is the Asset a program?

The Core doesn’t suite me at all, feel Naim have dropped the ball re servers.

Check out the topic “Media server for Synology NAS”. Lots of really helpful advice from experienced users.

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I wonder if they will do a classic box server, can’t see them letting Melco and others clean up the server market. But who know,s?

Think I’ll probably move to a Melco, don’t think Naim are taking the server side seriously. Shame, but a Core isn’t on my short list. Mrs Pete is away in 2 weeks so anything could happen. :grin:


Melco does not include a cd ripper, so you would need their expensive cd drive or an alternative one.

They do have a CD ripper, the combo I’m looking at is N100/D100.

That’s £1000 more than the UnitiCore. Is it worth that much more?!



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Not sure I intend to do some research, but to be honest I’d happier if my Unitiserve could be fixed and allow me more time to sort out the best option. Right now I’m listening through my Fiio X5 (Bluetooth), which sounds better than I thought it would.

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I’ve still come up with a CD ripper. Also isn’t there a problem with WAV files (most of my music is ripped to WAV).

You can rip with your pc or laptop. Most new acquisitions will probably be downloads anyway. Just make sure the Serve converts to flac before loading onto a nas. Then set the nas (using Asset or Minim) to transcode to WAV and it will sound the same.