Here we go again - upgrade 282 or ndx

I have deleted it all cos the 52 I was considering buying has already sold :joy:

Though I suppose it can’t hurt to ask a slightly different question - have ndx1, 282/hc, 250dr and a pair of nSats in the loft

Don’t want to go mad on boxes but am thinking ndx2 next. I could do an ndac I suppose but that is multiplying boxes a bit esp if I get a power supply

I suppose I could get a 222 combined preamp and streamer instead :joy:

When you say “in the loft” does that mean in storage, or in a loft room?

Assuming the latter, one thought may be to do with the presentation. You are clearly used to the old classic presentation of Naim music. The new Classic has a different presentation, and I have no idea which presentation the Statement is closest. So I think the answer (assuming money not a big question here) is about the presentation you prefer. Remember also that you like your upgrades, so if you do go down the 222 route it may not be long before you kook at the 300’s. This probably depends on how much time (and how) you listen to it in preference to the Statement

You are clearly in need of a source upgrade. When the Statement streamer hits the market you’ll end up with a spare ND555 that’ll be just right for your second system.

My study is in the loft so not a huge room (sloping ceilings) but about 16 feet by 10 is but only 3-4 feet in the middle can you stand up

I never listen in preference to the statement - but when working I like to have music on at least some of the time so can listen to 3-4 albums a day

I haven’t heard enough of the new stuff to have got a handle on its presentation and how it differs - it’s been a bit spoiled by comparison with the statement of course (but the statement systems I have heard (only in hotel rooms) have always sounded way worse than what I have at home even when I was 552/500)

Dare I say I have been thinking I wouldn’t trade the nd555 in when it’s replacement appears :joy: though it seems very unlikely I would go for the statement streamer as I don’t have the space to squeeze it in I don’t think and I don’t fancy the likely cost. More likely to wait for nd555 replacement than statement streamer but then I have so many times said I wouldn’t consider statement and here we are…

Anyway back to the main question then - the ndx2 is probably the simplest and most logical option. Am just wanting to think about loud about whether that’s the best option

@TimOopNorth did you read @JonathanG 's journey from NDX to NDX2?

…in the context of an 82/250 system


I am sure I must have done but will have another look now, thanks

I think the ndx2 is probably the best thing though there are a couple of ndacs available at the moment, one very local indeed


If you don’t mind the boxes…
Innous Pulse → DC1 → nDAC is a great alternative to NDX2, maybe better.

Also, if UI is a consideration, think that Innous Sense works better than Naim App.

For simplicity, NDX2 does the job just fine.

NSC222 is simpler still.
But either of the above two separate digital sources into 282 + HC psu is so much better. So, trade off between SQ ( and boxes) and simplicity becomes the consideration.

Good luck

Thanks for the suggestions ratrat. Not going to go outside Naim as this is second system and have core and nd555 downstairs.

I think the options currently look something like

  1. Ndx2 to replace ndx and add a ps later on
  2. Add ndac to ndx and think about power supplies later - or maybe even go to nd5xs2 in place of ndx then
  3. I could even look for a ps for the ndx

Although space is limited ish in the loft I could have a second stack to the left of the existing fraim (have fraimlite bits in the garage plus a full fat fraim level) and it would be tucked away at the end of the room so not somewhere that really gets in the way

I think ultimately I am more bothered about quality than simplicity - though catch me on a stressed day and I might veer to simplicity

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ND5 XS2 + nDAC = NDX2 :+1:
Mostly, the two box solution can be had for less money than NDX2

Or, just go the whole hog - NDX or NDX2 + nDAC, add a psu later

No doubt, the 282 will show you the differences on such a journey.

Again, good luck

I used to use an NDAC/XPS2 with Toslink from Mac Mini/Audirvāna to a 252/SCDR/300/s400 system. I tried adding an NDX with or without the XPS in place of the Mac/Audirvāna and was deeply unimpressed. I think it’s more to do with what an improvement to SQ Audirvāna brings.
I now have an NSC222/300/250 NC set up and an Atom HE in the office. Still use Audirvāna, but in the studio version and select the upnp target from the app. A big advantage is being able to configure EQ for specific headphones.
If I were you I would just get the 222 and then think about active speakers and the NPX300 in future.

Active speakers - another can of worms!

There are too many options!

Still pondering but not in any kind of rush


NDX2 would get my vote - it’s a big step up from NDX even before Tidal 24/192 becomes available, it’s being discounted and it has the new streaming architecture.

Hope this help,



Thanks Jonathan. I think I am currently inclined to go for an NDX2. I do have some curiosity about ND5XS2 and ndac as the combined price (around £2800-£2900) is the same for both. But I know I will want to add a power supply in due course and on the ND5XS2/ndac approach we are up to 3 boxes for the streamer alone which starts to feel a bit complex.

I have been surprised to see the ND5XS used at as much as £750 (they all seem to be advertised at that) which is pretty close to the NDX (800-1100) but the ND5XS2 seems much closer to new price (£1750 used) than the NDX2 (£2,850 used)

Having the 282/250dr the NDX2 feels a more natural partner. Once I have the NDX2/555dr I can start to consider the power amp and maybe even speakers though the wooden floor is a restriction on that and it is perhaps getting a bit silly with the big system downstairs…

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I started Naim streaming with an NDX very good indeed my dealer loaned me a NDX2 when my ND555 dropped a relay and to be honest I was very suprised how good it was.

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Having thought about box count long and hard, I have decided to get a 222, with npx300 to follow later and then finally (potentially) swap out the 250dr for nc250

Although I had thought I would go for ndx2, i know I would want to add a 555dr to that and the number of boxes (282, napsc, hc, ndx2, 555dr) is more than I really want to have. And I would be tempted to add a second hc or sc to the 282 as well at which point we are at two stacks required (which I could do with a mix of fraim and fraimlite I already have spare) so NC stuff feels like a good way to make getting carried away less likely


Good luck with that!

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I’m an optimist :joy:

You then get the current/latest Naim streaming tech…

I am sure there are even some pre-loved NC units appearing - I have seen some being listed…

Options… :open_mouth:

(hope you can avoid spending £££ on leads to connect your NC to OC…)

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222 coming on Thursday- already sorted before I said I was getting one