Here we go its vinyl time

Well after a chat on here and then with my friendly dealer, about my vinyl set up and how to improve it, I currently have a rega P10, aphellion2 and apheta3, running through a rega aura phono stage, so not shabby, I feel and it probably punches well above it’s cost.
The reason I don’t use it as much as I did, is because I love my digital source more, it sound just as good, if not a bit better, much easier to use and consistent performance, so much so I have thought about just selling all my vinyl kit, I do realise that it has taken a very serious digital kit to do this and the cost difference is quite large between them, so.

I like the sound, but I don’t love it, I feel that maybe the aphellion2 is a touch too much at times, I have had it skip a few times aswell, which is a pain as the apheta3 doesn’t skip on the same album, tried adjusting it, but it’s the same, but it can sound great, but it needs the right record to shine.
Also I find myself looking at other non rega cartridges and the ones I have a interest in are a bit too heavy and tall and so would need to add shims etc and as much as I like the P10, arm adjustment is not its strong point, it a bit like being trapped into just rega cartridges.
Anyway I have a new toy to try tomorrow coming in, a very different beast indeed
Sme 20 with a lovely V arm and a £6k cartridge.
Expecting big things from it, very neutral turntable and arm that should let the full quantity of the cartridge through, if this doesn’t show up my digital front end then I give up


Good luck :+1:

Very curious on your next findings. I had an SME/20/2 before. It’s probably an SME 20/3.

It’s partly due to our conversation that got me started on this and so here we are.
Going by what the dealer said, it will destroy your digital and P10, we will see, but quite excited as never had such a serious vinyl set up to play with.
Also very nervous as £6k cartridge, best not damage that.

What about the phono stage @Dunc?

The V arm has always been on my wish list. Superb peice of engineering. Being an LP12 guy though it’s not really going to happen for me. Heard a 20 years ago at the Sound Org, with the V arm and a Koetsu cartridge I think. Serious bit of kit even all those years ago and way outside my pricerange, then and now.

The SME 20/2 was wonderful but Prat is perhaps not his biggest characteristic. It has a particular graceful sound, very relaxed ( easy going), organic and very assured, with wonderful bass and soundstage.
However if someone puts the Prat above all, it’s not the best tt to go then. But vs the Rega, it’s however in another league.
But mine was a 2002 SME 20 model. Didn’t heard the latest.


As above dave come on lol
Will be using my rega aura, apparently good enough even at this level? Anyway we will see

Yes that will be interesting. I’m sure the Aura will suffice. What stage does your dealer recommend with that level of TT?

Been told its all about the cartridge, the deck is very natural and adds nothing, so you go with what cartridge you like.
But it’s coming with the top in the dynavector drt xv1t.

But my vinyl experience is limited and only going by what the much more experienced dealer has said

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Don’t know which turntables this dealer stocks. A Vertere SG1 would be also something to consider at that price.

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He was more than happy with it and said he had many sme owners using it.

But my serious vinyl journey is not long really, only since I went P8 and then P10 has it really got going, but I would love to have a vinyl set up that can beat up my rossini set up, but after speaking more to the dealer, it was nice to hear that he also has a rossini/clock in his own system and also runs a sme set up and was very confident that I will be blown away by it

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Just found out the sme I am getting is not a 20/3 but the 20/2, whatever the difference is, I haven’t a clue, but this had the V arm and cartridge fitted, whereas the 20/3 has a 309 and no cartridge.
Whatever all that means I don’t know.

I’m still spluttering on my brandy at that £6k cartridge! Spent £200 on one recently and its sounds fantastic. Anyhow, hope it sounds brilliant… i am a bit with you on vinyl v streaming, spin a poor pressing and stream is much better, but, at times the emotion comes across much better on vinyl. Nice to have both available!


I sold mine 6k with the SME V. I hope yours have a recent ps, because if not the tt has near 20 years old.
The original ps

The new improved one


I dont think its very old, but i haven’t asked many questions really, i know the owner went for one with the longer arm.
I guess i will find out more tomorrow

The 20/3 is from 2011.

I did much the same, the cartridge is worth about the same as my P10 with the aphelion2.
The first time i cue it up, i had better make sure i get it right, or it could be costing me, as i dont think he will be happy if i destroy it

It has the newer power supply as can just spot it in the picture he sent me

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Also the towers look different to the one you owned
But they do look impressive