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Hello, can’t seem to spot a similar thread, does anyone know anywhere that does a deal on Hi-res downloads and CDs together? I feel that Bandcamp should get themselves in this market, the artists could probably make a decent boost in revenue from quite a few fans this way.

I love physical things far more than managing my digital collection. I do of course backup all my physical items but I still take pleasure in having a nicely designed (usually…) tangible copy of something to go back to at times, rather than browsing through the infinite collections on streaming services or my own reasonably vast digital collection.

Perhaps Qobuz could offer up a CD and Hi-res deal at £14.99 or something like that (generally they have the CDs at £7.99 and Hi-res at £11.99), because of my want for having something tangible, I can never justify buying Hi-res downloads only and often I end up skipping on CDs these days because I tend to listen to the Hi-res version on Tidal.

Given that consumers love to feel they’re getting a deal, it feels like a good way to boost sales and I’d be interested to know how many here currently get both cd + hi-res or who don’t but would happily buy a discounted combo one.


Try Bandcamp most of the time (not always though) the download is Hi Res - my recent purchases have all turned out to be Hi Res at Bandcamp. If you see the album in Qobuz and it is a Hi Res and 16bit and that same album is available on Bandcamp chances are it is Hi Res on Bandcamp - they just don’t tell you it is - you have to take a chance.

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Cheers Andy, I didn’t realise that, easy answer to my question there! I thought they only had standard CD rips, I’ve not bought from Bandcamp in a while - will login and check to see if any of my old purchases have Hi-res versions, I’m intrigued now.


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Problem is you won’t be able to tell. It is a lottery whether the Bandcamp download will be Hi Res or 16 bit - down to which file the artist sends to Bandcamp.

But the excitement when the Bandcamp download takes a while and I fire it up on the NDS and it turns out to be Hi Res and cheaper than the Qobuz 16bit.


I’ve just checked and all the Ninja Tunes ones I’ve bought from Bandcamp are indeed available for 24 bit downloads, that’s a bit of an unexpected bonus, downloading them now, had previously just ripped them. Would be better if they indicated that’s the case, wonder why they don’t.

Still think Qobuz should look at a package deal as they have a larger offering with some of the bigger labels but maybe a lot of those bigger ones wouldn’t be happy with that.


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