HMV Heads Up

Plymouth store is open again.
I guess they sorted a deal on rent and rates.
Whet ever the reason, I’m glad it’s back.


Let’s hope they can salvage some other stores too.

I popped into Croydon today and had hoped that perhaps with HMV being saved the store there might be open. Alas it was not. It looks like that one has gone for good.

@raym55 - Apparently the new owner, Doug Putnam is working with the landlords of the Oxford Street site to re-open the store with a reduced rent which will make the shop viable. He is quite hopeful I hear.

I believe that 10 sites earmarked for closure are now staying open thanks to successful negotiations with the landlords.

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I think the Bath store has reopened will call in on Thursday and have a look.

Keep a track on which stores are reopening with the link above


Now that they are reopening, there’s a real pressure on all of us to make sure they succeed. Maybe if forum members could make their music and film purchases from HMV (rather than ‘that’ tax avoiding online mega corporation), then HMV stand a chance of remaining open…

“Use it or lose it”…

ATB. George.


Well said George.


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Picture the scene in 10 years, no more high street, Tesco/ASDA vans flying around delivering food, music either via some form of Tidal or you have to purchase from Amazon and we all look like the characters from the film Wall-E.

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Absolutely @HiFiman - the comparison is spot on!

ATB. George.

Banbury store remained open throughout, went in Saturday & bought 2 CD’s :+1:

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Sadly both the HMV and the Fopp in Bristol are closed and don’t appear to be on the re-opening list😔

The HMV at Cribbs Causeway Bristol is closed, but the HMV in Broadmead Bristol is still open - Rough Trade is just down the road from it too.

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I see the PureHMV loyalty card is still “under maintenance” though :frowning:

It is, but I asked in the shop yesterday and was told that the expect it to be back on line within a week or so.

Thank you. Hopefully the points I have will be upheld.

Local staff at my HMV suggest they will honor points from your recipts :crossed_fingers:


Bath branch was open Monday afternoon this week. Sadly didn’t have time to pop in and get anything, but I’m glad it’s still opening its doors. George is quite right about using or losing. I still miss Broad Street Jazz and Baths CDs which went due to that exact problem.



Strange - stores we’d been told would stay open and those to be closed, open. Poor old staff.

As much as I want to support local stores, I think one of the problems is that I rarely go into town for anything these days, though was impressed by the local HMVs vinyl stock last year when I went in specifically for a few sale items I’d seen online.

I have a good independent vinyl store a mile or so from work, but again rarely get out of work during the day or go to the (different) town centre.

I love browsing through shelves of vinyl, but sometimes stores don’t help themselves.

I was in Sheffield yesterday with work and had 20 mins free so went to HMV to look for an album I was planning to order from the river.

Two things struck me - I thought the river was expensive but blimey many albums nearly £30 that I’ve seen cheaper online or even at supermarkets. They had a whole wall dedicated to vinyl as well as some separate new releases on entry and a metal section at the back.

The indie album I wanted wasn’t there as far as I could tell, but quickly gave up trying to browse (which I enjoy) as the vinyl was so tightly packed in the shelves you couldn’t flip through the covers to actually see what was available and would have had to pull each one out to see what it was if looking under A-Z sections if it wasn’t a band ‘worthy’ of their own section in the A-Z. I couldn’t help feeling the covers would get a bit bent/squished if I randomly pulled things out and shoved them back.

That said I picked up an LP from the river from a locker when I got home and their packaging was dire and poorly protective compared to the week before.