Home exercise fads - has anyone tried a steel mace?

I guess I just don’t have the most athletic genes, and am probably more of an endomorph than a mesomorph in later adult life.

I have however always enjoyed sport, and have tried to stay reasonably fit from a cardiovascular viewpoint even if I struggle to shift weight.

My favourite gym exercise machine is a cross-trainer, but the old LifeFitness classic machines we used to have at the gym many years ago were replaced with fancy new ones which just didn’t suit my stride.

I really enjoy cycling but am more suited to a mountain bike than a road bike, and where I live it’s not simple to get off-road, or certainly not without contraveneing rules/byelaws in parks etc.

My main sport in the last few years has been tennis, just love it even if I’m rubbish - thankfully as of today outdoor courts are open again for use.

I bought kettle bells a few years ago but never really took to them, maybe the ones I got were too heavy.

A few weeks ago I came across the steel mace, a variant of traditional Gadas used (I think) mostly in India by wrestlers.

My 5 kg mace arrived today - it’s probably too heavy, but I think this could turn out to be a phenomenal bit of kit.

I can already see how to use it instead of a dumbell for many muscle groups but with an enhanced range of joint motion. It just seems to be a very functional exercise tool which might also prove to be enjoyable. Too late today to try some of the exercises outside (advisable I think) but an early impression just makes me think I wish I’d discovered this years ago.

Lots of free videos/info out there, for example:

Fad? Maybe, we’ll see, I just like the fact that many of the exercises are functional and you can vary/adjust/make them up yourself to some extent. The one I got was not from setforset, no connection with them whatsoever.

I was impressed at how @seakayaker had been exercising during lockdowns. I think I’ve deconditioned significantly.


would be much more fun to do battle with a partner, suitably padded of course… it’s a bit like a version of ‘Gladiators’… (am showing my age there…)

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The steel mace seems tame compared to:


You can probably get a bondage version with spikes, that should get the heart rate going…

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Actually, you really need a ball and chain version…

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I think most of us have those already :wink:


This is quite fascinating and shows me how little I know about religion:

Handy if you want to audition for any horror movies.

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And I thought I had to worry about the kids around the speakers…


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