Hooking up a NC NAC 332 to a SN3

Does anyone know which special leads may be needed for a NC NAC 332 to a SN3?

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00-010-0246 should do the job. Pull the SN3 link plug out, plug the cable into the Power amp in DIN4 socket and put the SN3 into power amp mode and you’re all set.


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Thanks for the help. You even gave me the order number.

needs just 1 correct?

Yep. It’s a single cable assembly. 2 XLR plugs at the 332 end to a single DIN4 at the SN3 end.

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Doesn’t the link plug on the SN3 cover 2 din plugs? Sorry for all the questions.

Yes, but only one is in.

The link plug usually bridges the DIN5 pre-amp out to DIN4 power amp in sockets.

You’re only going to be using the SN3 as a Power amp with the NAC 332 as the pre-amp, so you only need to connect the new cable to the lower DIN4 socket.

Nothing needs to connected to the pre-amp out (DIN5) socket in this configuration.

Your Hicap, listed in your profile, won’t be needed anymore either.

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Great explanation, thanks again.

I have ordered the chord.

I am looking forward to your findings on this upgrade path.
Interesting route to follow from SN3 to 332.

Agreed I went the classic route for my upgrade so I’m very interested to see how get on with the nc.

It is a temporary solution. Once I recover from the 1st 2 purchases, I will move on to the 350’s. I could have opted foe the 250 in a shorter time frame but decide no to rush it and get the 350’s, Hopefully the SN3 will be sufficient. I went back and forth on just getting the NSS333 1st and saving the cost of the cable but opted for both pieces now. I need to do a little research to see if this cable has other uses to allow me to sell it later.

Only for linking NC to OC units. And not a cheap cable.

So maybe a market for it albeit a small one.

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I would imagine it will be a growing market soon as more and more people make the change over. By-the-way I’m also going to try and skip the 250 and go straight to 350’s as well. I’m in saving mode now until New Year!

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The cost of these Naim ‘conversion’ cables is - IMO - quite a disincentive.
But… this is HiFi, so maybe not…?

YMMV… :crazy_face: :astonished: :thinking:

(at one point there was a deal available, I think - where these cables were free, with some purchases - but no longer.)

Indeed there was :wink:

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If I was spending £5000+ on new Naim units, I would expect to get all the cables needed for the new units to ‘work’ with whatever I had.

But… this is HiFi… and YMMV… :crazy_face: :astonished:


I agree, with or without any special deals, it is always worth haggling this type of deal and any good dealer will probably supply cables, mine does. :grinning:

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