Hooking up to Supernait3

I would like to use my DarkVoice 336SE Tube headphone amp with my Naim Supernait3 and Naim ND5 XS 2.

Please explain how to hook up.

The forum FAQ should help here;

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Thanx for quick response

Also if I can find a actual Naim Headline can I use my Flatcap2 as a power source (it will also be powering my Naim CD5X)

What cable will I need?

Will this be better than the headphone amp in my Supernait3?


Yes, your Flatcap 2 has two power outs, so one could be used on the CD5x and the other on the Headline. Note though that you will need a SLIC lead to connect power here.

Provided the Flatcap is in rude health then it would likely outperform the Supernait’s own HP output, particularly with harder to drive headphones.

So grateful
I live in a Naim desert (no dealer)

Ur generosity and knowledge make this whole thing worthwhile

Now to find a Head line


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