How best to keep multiple watches wound up, or not

I’m really enjoying the Your Watch & Naim chat, but this question is probably best asked outside of that.

I have a few automatic watches and have pondered this question a few times.

1)When I had just two, I brought an automatic winder, but it was a little noisy and requires electricity.

2)My next method was to pull the winder out, and switch to the other watch for a couple of weeks, then alternate. However I was then concerned that moisture would get in via the winder, and someone said it was better to allow the watches to move occasionally to ensure the oils don’t dry out.

3)My latest method is to just rotate wearing my watches for 2-3 weeks, and just let them naturally unwind. Each watch would get at least one use in any two months

Can I ask if this final method meets with the watch fanatics on the forums far superior knowledge?

May I ask why you feel the need to have multiple watches wound up and running when you’re not wearing or using them?

All that will achieve is to bring forward the date when they will each next need to be serviced.

Your last approach is absolutely fine. I have several automatic watches, of which one gets used the most, so I just make sure the others (that I let unwind) are used every now and then. Of course I then need to set the time and date, but that’s quickly done.

Thanks, yes the date is a bit of a pain, but sometimes it works out that I only need to move them on a bit

It’s the balancing act of the oils going hard by not running them, or running them occasionally to ensure that doesn’t happen. I think method 3 does that. Also I’m a great fan of enjoying all my watches, rather than locked away in a cupboard.

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Well, I suppose that raises the more fundamental question of why you feel the need to have multiple watches at all?

Absolutely no need, but some have been via inheritance, and others from 30 years ago, that I still like to wear occasionally. All have sentimental value.

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I use winders. Sometimes I even remember to switch them on. I’ve been through a few makes and have now settled on the Swiss KubiK Masterbox. Apart from the build quality and good after sales service, they are compact and will run for years on a couple of batteries.

When I had one mechanical watch I just wore it every day or every other day. When I had two, I rotated them every 2-3 days. Some years back I got ill and my watches didn’t get worn for 6 months. When I was fit and active again, my Breitling wound and worked. My Tag Heuer (Calibre 16) became stiff to wind, noisy in operation and did not run accurately. That was the point when I got a winder. I’ve also managed to kill a Casio kinetic by accidentally leaving it in a drawer and forgetting about it for a year. I have left my Rolex watches for weeks and months unwound with no issues. But my standard procedure (when I remember) is to have them in winders.

Thanks Harry, it sounds like my guessed theory of using them regularly should be OK. I’ve certainly had old battery watches that haven’t survived years in a drawer

Saying that, my Dad gave me his 1960’s Omega that he purchased in the 70’s then never wore. Amazingly it worked, but it is currently with Omega in Switzerland getting a well deserved service.

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That’s going to be nice when you get it.

Yes, very excited, estimated to take 27-30 weeks, but that’s fine and for under £500

Wait until the Wolf1834 sale (around December) and pick up a twin / triple / quad winder for 50% less than RRP.

If got a single and it’s excellent.

Thanks for that, they do look pretty good, but I think the question still stands, which is better for the watch, “always running”, “regularly running” or “occasionally running”

This topic reminded me of the following article. What a job, what a job!

Interesting article. I wonder if clock mechanisms have the same issues as some watches where you are not supposed to every move the hands backwards. Not sure if thats an old wife tale, but I always stop my watch for an hour when the clocks go back.

Now you mention it …

My father used to do this days in advance which drove my mother crazy since the time was not reliable anymore in the week before the adjustment.

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