Your Watch & Naim

Aside from a very modest Naim system, my only other prized possession is my Rolex 114270 EXP1 Explorer from 2007. What wristwatch, if any, does the typical Naim owner wear?


She is overdue for a service.

I don’t wear a watch now a days; but these two fill in when required. A Tag Heuer dating back to 1989 ish, and a Soviet beast, allegedly made from recycled SS 18 rockets, which I bought from a dodgy dealer in vilnius in around 1998.


I rarely wear a watch, except when I’m at work, where it’s impractical to use my phone, and I just use a cheap Casio that is just there to do a job.
I do occasionally wear my grandad’s Tudor, though, which he bought in 1949, and still keeps good time.


A typical wrist watch of a diehard NAIM owner is one that hums, it’s luminous dial has a varying intensity and it needs recapping now and then.




Nice piece! I’m sure it holds great sentimental value. Tudor and Rolex were held under the same privately owned company, I believe. Wear it in good health.

Nice, IWC makes great pilot watches.

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The xii is as good as the design gets imho. Never liked the later iterations as much.

A little small for some wrists though.


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Yes, Tudor used their own mechanism inside a Rolex Oyster case. The older ones like this are not fashionable now, which I think is because they are quite small compared to modern watches, which seem to get bigger and bigger.

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Thanks for sharing, I wish my job would enable me to travel all over, and afford me the opportunity to buy interesting things like that piece you picked up in Lithuania.

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It was meant to be recycled titanium - it was so rough I had to get my office manager persuade a Feller to file the edges. 4 years in Vilnius - a cracking good time was had by all.

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Nice! Is that a Navitimer?

Agreed, 44mm to 46mm appears the norm today, much too large for my wrists.

My watch is a Windrider Chronomat

There are modern watches that are 60mm diameter! To me, that is a clock, not a watch.


I’m seeing a lot of smart watches around today, I’d wish the younger generation would appreciate the qualities of a fine mechanical wristwatch.

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I stopped wearing watches ages ago but when I do it’s my military issue Marathon.

Technically a clock must have a bell. “Clocca” meaning bell :wink: