How do I connect a headphone amp to Supernait 3

I’m not sure how I connect a headphone amp to Supernait 3.
Is it even possible to connect an external headphone amp?
Is it possible to listen to an external headphone without getting sounds from the speakers?
How do I adjust volume on Supernait and headphone amp to get best sound?

As you probably understand from reading my questions I am really lost how this works. Please explain to me how this works and how to connect the external headphone (if possible).


Do a search for headphone amps and connections. There is a sticky thread in the FAQs I think.

You’ll get the sound from the headphone amp, all the Supernait is doing is providing a signal. Bear in mind the sound signature will be that of the headphone amp and not the Supernait.
There is a post in the FAQ showing how to connect.

See here;

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Thanks for the answers. I have been reading the FAQ and links but I’m still dont understnad how to connect a Headphone amplifier to the Supernait 3.
I will borrow a Topping L30 Headamplifier to test it.
Should I connect the DIN AV out/in of the Supernait to the L/R input (phono) of the Topping?
Or should I connect the SUB out (phono) on the Supernait to the Topping L/R input (phono)?
As far as I understand these are to only outputs on the Supernait 3?
But will I not still get sound from the speakers?
I don´t understand how to mute the speakers?
Sorry if this offends you but I really don´t understand even after searching the site and reading everything relevant that I have found.
I would really appreciate if some one could explain this for me.

The sub out connection gives you a volume controlled output so don’t use that. Use rec out from either av or stream din socket which is a line level output, so you can turn down the volume on the sn without impacting the headphone amp.
You will need to buy a 5 pin din to 4 x rca plugs interconnect; 2 will be “in” and 2 will be “out”.

The cable you need:
[edited to clarify] what you actually need is din to 2 rca with the rca being output also known as rec or record. However there have been instances of people buying the wrong cable ie theirs isnt rec/out but play/in. If you buy the 4 rca then 2 of them will always be the output ones that you need.

@robert_h , thank you very much!
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Let’s back this up a bit folks, firstly what is your source? If it is a streamer, you would connect that directly to your headphone amp, not via the SN3. Fir a turntable, then as discussed above.

I have a turntable and a streamer ( ND5 XS 2) connected to the Supernait 3 and would like to listen to both with headphones. In ordet to be able to do that I would connect the headphone amp as robert_h explained above. Right?

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Yes, but you also connect the ND5 direct to the headphone amp and use the variable volume control, This might give better SQ than via the SN3, so may be worth exploring.

Yes, that’s the way to do it. The signal passes through the SN and you control the volume using your headphone amp.

You don’t actually need a din to 4 phono lead, which would mean you have two ends flopping around getting in the way. A din to 2 phono is a more elegant solution - just ensure it’s wired to the output pins as described in the FAQ.

I’m not sure why you’d do that. The ND’s volume control is in the digital domain and not that great. It’s simply a case of connecting the headphone amp to the SN - the signal passes from the ND straight through the SN and the only volume control in the chain is that of the headphone amp, which is exactly how it should be.

The main reason is to have NDX2 remote and app control of the volume for my headphone amp. Also, it reduces the signal path, though whether this has any impact on SQ I haven’t actually tested.

Ok, but that’s a different issue. I’d expect that avoiding the digital control would provide best SQ even if it means going via the SN. But that is just expectation of course.

The other option is using the fixed volume output from the streamer and use the second analogue output connected to the headphone amp, which would bypass the SN.

Agreed. But I’ve seen people here buy the wrong cable, and remember that thread should i use pins 1&3, or 2&5? Buy one with 4 rca and 2 of them will always be the output ones!

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