How do you search for new music?

how do you look for music that is new for you?
not just freshly distributed

I enjoy Tidal and Spotify, sometime have a look at top charts of pitchfork and rollingstones.
any other suggestion?

I listen to the qobuz new release playlists when time permits to see if anything catches my ear and also Roon’s radio feature helps.
The ‘what are you listening to and why’ thread is useful also for new finds.

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“What are you listening …” post here on the forum is a great source of informations for new music. Also on Tidal each friday morning i look the new releases !


I use Qobuz, I’ve played their playlists of “best of 2022” and ‘artists to watch on 2023’ and noted ones I liked and then got the albums


After going off Roon a little while back using Tidal with Tidal Connect has become my prime mode of finding new things.

Tidal, and not to forget this forum. Great suggestions come from fellow users.


Read Uncut and Mojo, look at Qobuz weekly and this website (what are you listening to) daily…


Radio 6 is a good source for me, Band camp recommendations sometimes.
Friends sometimes point me in the direction of new music. Sometimes an article will send me off to the web to listen to an act new to me and if I like what I find a purchase follows. A friend sometimes gives me her husband’s old Mojo mags.

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A mixture of sources similar to others here. 6Music (which is much better than any of the radio stations here in the US), Qobuz new releases/best sellers and of course this forum.

I use mainly Bandcamp. Search by new arrivals in the genre, or best sellings in the genre.
Then add to favourites and play them on Bandcamp app on my Ipad.
Also Qobuz and ITunes.
Today most of my findings are from Bandcamp, maybe 80%. I buy the tracks or albums, I don’t stream online.


Pitchfork, Guardian, Independent music reviews pretty much every week. NPR all songs considered podcast and website. Occasionally just random browse Tidal genres that interest me. Tidal has been a boon for ‘try before you buy’ to me. I always buy if it is a ‘keeper’ and only stream albums while I am making up my mind! I look at Rolling Stone and NME year end lists every Dec/Jan.

Paradise Radio has uncovered some stuff, from one or other of the main/rock/mellow mixes although that tends not to be new music.


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As a few others, this forum, Bandcamp, the landing page of Qobuz, plus a few favourite record store websites; Piccadilly Records, Juno, Ace Records, Rough Trade

I am a bit tired with Juno. I receive too many messages from them, maybe 3 per week. Despite having choosed my preferences.

Friends, The Wire magazine, Gramophone magazine, show like Kaleidoscope (2h each week) on the swedish music radio (finding music new for me, not necessarily newly released). Reading in general, about composers, musicians. Lately I’ve also been following New Spinning Mag on Patreon. DeVore and Pearl Music channels on Youtube have also turned up some interesting stuff.

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Agreed. And the specialist threads: jazz, folk, classical and so on. Being chosen by music lovers rather than an algorithm perhaps makes the difference.


The music threads, What are you listening to and why might anyone be interested? thread along with the Jazz Music Thread, The Folk Thread along with the Vinyl and CD threads are places I see artists that I may not have heard of and take one of their albums out for a spin on Qobuz. Qobuz also has a listing of new albums released and often will research and play an artist I may not be familiar with. An of course my daughter or a friend may talk about or recommend a band or individual musician that they have been listening to.


I’m with @seakayaker I’ve found the music threads a constant source of new music. Between upgrades caused by the hi fi thread and the purchase of new music this forum is helping me keep the economy ticking over.


Like @frenchrooster I find Bandcamp an invaluable source of new music especially from individuals and bands outside the main stream.

Bandcamp also has the advantage of direct purchase enabling financial support for lesser known acts.

The “what are you listening to” thread on this forum is another great source.

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In no particular order…Spotify- Radio Paradise-sometimes HiFi magazine reviews…I do however find the most helpful to be the threads on this very forum.
Don’t do the downloading thing…always try to find the CD …my preferred way of listening.
Many-many years ago as a teenager l would pass hours in “The Sound Of Music “ record shop in Rotherham , owned by a family friend ,listening to the latest releases.
I have to say it’s much easier to find new stuff these days via the good old internet ( though it certainly lacks the atmosphere of the old shops ).

Absolutely…and, as I have mentioned previously, is refreshing too in its total lack of criticism, arguing and grandstanding/willy waving antics of some other threads.