How far apart are your ‘speakers

…and how far away is your listening seat?

Curious as quite a few ‘System Pics’ show ‘speakers quite close together, even when the available space would seem to permit further spacing.

Mine 2.4m tweeter to tweeter and 2.4 to listening seat.


my speakers are 2 meters apart

at night i pull my small couch so that my ears are about 2.75 meters distance from the speakers

during the day time and for casual listening ( many times ) i sit on a sofa about 4.9 meters away from the speakers or am walking around the the living area.



Mine are 3,9 m apart.

2.4m between tweeters & 3m to mid/average listening position.

Roughly, 2m between tweeters and the same from the listening position to the speakers.

Same as the op here…

:small_blue_diamond:GraemeH,…This knowledge is unimportant,…it all depends on the way your listening room looks.
But if I look in the “System-Pics”-thread,then my understanding is that many seem to have too much distance between the speakers.
And too much furniture between the loudspeakers.

The latter is much more important to remove, then it is easier to make a good “speaker-tuning” for the correct distance between the speakers.

Just a little tip on a sunny Sunday morning from Sweden :smiley:.


In optimum position, as measured by REW and giving best (flattest) response for critical listening, speakers are about 9 feet apart (baffle centre to baffle centre), and ears about 8 feet from the centre of the plane of the front baffles. Room is max 24ft x 24 ft, but not not a simple square.

In more family oriented daily listening position speakers are about 14 ft between baffle centres, and ears 10.5 feet from then plane of the baffles. When used In this position DSP is used to reduce significant peaks in the response, and boost minor dips. with such a relatively wide spacing of speakers they are fully toed in, which balances the sound, though with some music the soundstage seems a bit stretched.

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Having just two, I keep one in the living room and the other in my wife’s parent’s home in Liguria, for the summer holidays. I’d say roughly 280 Km.


My floorstanders are about 2m apart and 3.8m to my ears. Toed in with both firing straight at me!
Not a problem. I want them as far apart as possible without the “hole in the middle”. Also out from the back wall by about 400mm to speaker back for maximum depth and no “one note bass”.
Room interface. Always the hardest bit to get right. Or you could say “right” = “the best compromise”.

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Only 1.3m apart but that is all the room I have and they sound great.

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Mine tweeters are 2,3 m apart. Each one 1 m from the sidewalls and 70 cm from the back wall. To the listening position 4,3 m and I have a low sofa and a glas table between my listening position and the loudspeakers. No choice Peder as it is our living-room and I am married. But compensated with that the Titans are standing on 12 cm high bases.



I bet that delivers a pretty big soundstage, Max :grin:

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Mine form approximately an equilateral triangle with my listening sofa, towed in so they “cross over” just in front of me. This is the optimal position for the sound balance and image I like to hear.

It is possible to change the sound a lot with different positioning and toe in. Placing them closer together, moving them back towards the rear wall about 50%, and pointing them straight down the room gives the cleanest and most realistic (to my ears) presentation. It really is something to behold. But the sound stage is recessed. I prefer a more 3D illusion. The sound doesn’t suffer much for this, but I can hear the difference.

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If I recall correctly I believe there was a similar thread on the old forum with an informal ‘poll’ of favoured ratio of speaker to listener vs speaker to speaker distance. I remember a ratio of 1.2 being quite popular and that would be about right for my own listening preferences, but much depends on your room, your preferences and the speaker type.

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Lounge is 1.8 apart, 3.4 from sofa.

Media room is 1.7 and 2.5 back.

Approx 2.7 m between speakers and the same to listening position

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1.92m apart. I currently have no listening seat - long story - but when one does arrive it’ll be about 3.2m.
I’ve never been a fan of sitting close to the stage at concerts, so the domestics soft of replicates live.

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I should say this represents the limitation on my room (approximately 4.5x3 m), and the location of 3 doors, 2 windows and a fireplace.

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My NBLs are 8.7 feet from my listening spot, are 5.2 ft apart and are 2 inches from the solid back wall. Slightly toed in. Sounds superb.

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