How is the Naim Supernait 3 this good!

I promised myself that I’d just stick to two boxes and have resolutely held that promise for a couple of years… but I often see this on the forum:

However… then I listen to the SN3 & NDX2 and absolutely love the music it plays. So far I’ve not given in to temptation, it is great on it’s own. I’ve applied the same logic to the NDX2… So for me, no need to add anything but I appreciate that others have added power supplies with positive effect.


I like the idea of “hiding” much of the electronics, maybe because I “only” have the living room as the possible place for the system. Even though the Naim boxes don’t look bad (I actually like the New classics as well) it is stil a set of metal boxes, not nice wooden furniture… I think you have done a very smart thing.

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I am using SuperNait3 with Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 2. I’ve had the SN3 for about 3 years, upgrading from an Atoll IN100. SN3 is fantastic.

I recently upgraded the streamer from ND5 XS2 to NSS 333. What an incredible lift in sound quality - in all sorts of aspects. My experience is the same as so many of you have, it can handle upgraded sources very, very well.

I am still thinking I may upgrade to the new classics pre- and power amp (332 and probably 250) but it won’t happen in a looooong time as there is a lot of savings that would need to be done… I think more comparisons need to be done to see if it really is worth it. And if it is, the wait will not be hard at all, because the SN3 is so very good.


Maybe the development of the NC integrated is taking longer than expected. Interesting that only the SN3 is mentioned for switching to white led, which shoud mean that NDX2 will be discontinued when they run out of stock and fully superseded by NSS333, which makes sense.

That leaves us with the slimline boxes & superline/stageline still in green mode. Curious about their fate in the coming months!


Me too sihctr

Logically I think the stageline won’t be replaced or indeed already has with the new classic phono NVC TT

Taking it a bit further one would think a new classic Superline that could be used with the NPX 300 PS , not sure that is possible though

Be shame if the Superline is dropped altogether

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The strategy with the phono stages has been bugging me for some time now. Do note that NVC TT was temporarily named NVC 331 when NC was first introduced, so that should give a hint on the expected performance level. Logically a 500 level phono (full width(?), brass suspension, powered by NPX 300/500?) must be in development to replace the Superline.

I tried to map OC to NC pricewise, and this is what I come up with (allowing for +/- 15-20% of the price):

OC NC Price delta
Stageline Built-in the preamp N/A
Stageline/Hicap DR NVC TT/powered by preamp +20%
Superline/powered by preamp NVC TT/powered by preamp -10%
Superline/Hicap DR NVC TT/NPX TT +15%
Superline/Supercap DR NVC 551? / NPX300 +19%
Superline/Supercap DR NVC 551? / NPX500? :scream:

I assumed a price of £3999 for the hypothetical “NVC 551”.

I don’t see the point of Stageline at this stage, except maybe remaining stocks that need to be sold out.

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Some nice ideas
Interesting hypothesis

My only observation is with the idea SL + HCDR is maybe same as NVC-TT + NC psu.

Having looked at this, can be confident that SL + HCDR is better than NVC-TT + NC psu.

Last spring, with the option to buy one or other, we chose SL + HCDR as the better SQ option.

Having said that, think the NVC-TT is still a fine phono amp. Maybe more flexible too, (both mm and mc, plus loading arrangements). If we had NC pieces at home, I think we may have gone with NVC-TT to fit with same aesthetic, etc.

Hope that adds something

p.s., like you, agree that Stageline is likely redundant, replaced by internal phono stages.


Very interesting point; thank you for sharing. Indeed I just mapped based on price comparison rather than real-world performance. So it seems disappointing that the NC performs worse compared to OC, especially at a higher price point. Not sure if the increased flexibility makes up for it.

Several members have reported that the Solstice sounded better with the Superline, so the price positioning of the NVC-TT does seem a bit strange to me. Anyway, I’m not the one making the business decisions! :sweat_smile:

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Agree with you again .

Don’t wish to get into the whole OC v NC debate again, here, in this SN3 thread.
But one pertinent point to the above SN3 “love in”…

We seriously considered NSC 222.

The comparison was with digital source ND5 XS2 + nDAC, (as we already had the nDAC at home), with SN3 + HCDR.
Also SuperLine + HCDR, as OC phono alternative to NC phono duo NVC-TT + NPX-TT
Having done a lot of listening, thinking and soul searching, genuinely came to the objective conclusion for us, adding ND5 XS2, (with existing nDAC), SN3 +HCDR was better SQ. Then, adding SL+HCDR, for vinyl.

All things considered, feel we have better SQ on both digital and vinyl sources.
But, we don’t mind box count. If this was important, would maybe make a different decision.

Admittedly, there is a lot to be said for the different sound signature with NSC222 and NC generally

For me, this says as much about the SN3 as anything else.
Coming back on topic, the SN3 is such a brilliant piece of audio kit.



@ratrat @sihctr interesting stuff, there’s no MC Stageline built-in option, so that’s a gap. I suspect the NVC-TT is aimed at that gap though.

I’m not sure there’ll be anything but the NVC-TT for years.

*With apologies for the OT diversion too :slight_smile:


Very much a personal preference but I agree the 222 built in phono stage lacks something if you have a high end TT. I pretty much instantly added a Vertere Phono-1 and some matching cables to return to vinyl bliss…

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For my part, I think the internal mm phono stages - e.g. XS3 - SN3 - NSC222 - are a very useful feature.
On the other hand, can’t really see where StageLine fits in going forward?

I’m more than happy to use the internal phono stages in amplifiers…
We have used the mc phono boards in our NAC72 and think this is a great solution too.

Except, in our case, we have a long history of using turntables in our house. Maybe 40+ years. We like vinyl as a source. As a result, have progressed to TT and mc cartridge combinations that lead to maybe different solutions.

Our RP6, with NEO psu and Ania Pro mc cartridge, is used with Rega Aria external phono stage. This is a great match and works really well for us.

Our LP12 Selekt, c/w Linn mc cartridge is used with Naim SuperLine + HiCap DR external psu.
This works really well as entirely complimentary for probably the best source we have in our house?

As we are now using mc cartridges in both our record players, the SN3 internal phono stage cannot be used. If we had a modest record player - for example Rega P3 c/w Exact mm cartridge - we would gladly use this SN3 feature. Maybe same for NSC222.

Hope that adds to this perennial topic and debate?

Coming back on topic, think the SN3 internal phono a positive feature to include in this product. Making the SN3 a more attractive item, for potential buyers. It is already a brilliant piece of audio kit.

Best wishes


I’m using the Exact so the phono stage in my SN3 is fine. There is some talk about Rega releasing a more upscale MM. I hope so.

As I age, vinyl is harder for me to manage. Getting in/out of the jackets and sleeves is now harder for me. I listen to streaming and CD much more than LP. Therefore I chose to upgrade my streamer and PS. I have a Naim CD5si which I find works very well with the SN3. Had Naim supported a more upscale CDP, I would have considered it. However I am really pleased with the CD5si. I have no interest in purchasing used gear.

I have a Rega P9. I doubt I will go to the next level Rega TT, given how infrequently I spin vinyl these days.


Has anyone any compared Superline and NVC TT?

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Take a look, a few posts back. :+1:

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Agree about the CDsi. It’s the bargain of the Naim range.
“Sublime” into my SN3

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I think it gets “played down” because of its relative low price in the overall Naim universe. Before the CD5si, I had two Rega Saturn players. The second replaced the first. Both failed to initialize in short order. I gave up.

Evidently Superline blows it away AJK which is good news as I have the Superline


Thought it might do as the NVC TT doesn’t seem to get many recommendations.

Superline also seems to be another legend in the Naim range alongside the 552.

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I think this is getting self evident. I would assume that both phono stages offer an improvement to the SN3, given their higher cost and their ability to handle MC cartridges. Since vinyl is no longer my preferred source, an Exact and tge SN3 is fine for me