How long do you sit there and listen?

Although it is on my mind all day to listen to my rig, when I get there with half a glass of wine or so and listen to some of my favorites or some new stuff I’m pretty much there for about 15-20 minutes, total, and then bounce.

Is that pretty common? With so many other things going on with family, hobbies, job, etc. just wondering how much time people actually spend sitting down there in the triangle, in the sweet spot.

And when I do, it amazes me every time, the details, the soundstage, the vocals in your room, and try to explain, or show this to people that are audio files, sometimes is a challenge, but always circling back to how much it has added to my life and how incredible it is

Most of my last weeks have been working at home seated on the sweet spot with the computer on my legs listening to my favorite álbuns while I work, when working the attention is less on the music and more on the tasks, but many times a track plays that simply takes my mind to it and is a great moment to relax the brain and the eyes rewarding the ears.

But on a normal working routine, sometimes I can get an hour or two to listen to my music at night.

Most often I’d say I listen for 2-3 hours at a time. Certainly sometimes less, but almost never less than 40 minutes or so (I almost invariably only play whole albums). Sometimes 5-6 hours. If too busy I simply end up not listening - which happens more often than I’d like…

I prefer to listen without other things to do at the same time - largely because if I’m listening the music draws me in and I can’t concentrate on other things. Otherwise it is background music, but for me playing music that way is infrequent.


During the cold months I listen to music on my main system after work for about 3 hrs or so, sometimes more on the weekend. Once the weather warms up enough then I spend more time on my deck outside with a Naim Mu-so 2, but I also listen for 2 hrs or more.

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Well it’s nearly 6 am and I have done a couple of hours listening already. I am old and don’t sleep so well.
I usually wake up about 4 o’clock make a cup of cocoa,snatch a couple of random cds,crawl under my electric throw and switch on the headphone system.
Not critical listening as I read at the same time.
This morning was Guy Clarke,Kronos Quartet and Stanley Turrentine.
Back to bed now . Hopefully sleep for a couple of hours then breakfast with Qobuz.
I used to think this an imposition but now in my dwindling years I look upon it as a bonus.


I work from home, and most days I try to carve out a listening session in the middle of the day, while I have the living room (and the entire house) to myself. It’s rare that I get beyond a single LP side, though. Maybe that’ll change in future.


Hours! Days …
Not only records but i use internet a lot…
When the weekend begins or during holidays i lock the door and let all the “noisy, boring stuff” outside…

My current listening position is at the table. :relaxed:


3 to 4 hours for me. When it’s right it’s right. The lack of fatigue is a big thing. I don’t need alcohol or food or anything. I can just lose myself in the music.


Music is on all the time I’m at home and awake, usually the radio while I potter about.

When Mrs. G and I sit down for the evening, music goes on at some point at levels that allow for conversation. Once Mrs. G goes to bed, I keep playing music (stuff she isn’t keen on) for another 2 or 3 hours, and at the same levels or louder. (Big old solid house, she can’t hear the music).

Critical listening is very very rare. It’s not how I enjoy music. Heresy for some I know, but the TV is usually on, muted, and I’m usually online too.

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As and when I can amongst other things in life.
I listen to a lot of stuff Mrs Wren would not listen to so have to choose my time carefully for that.
There is no TV or internet in my listening room so none of those distractions, but I may read or be doing something arty occasionally…it’s nice to have the choice.
Room is above lounge / TV room so I have to watch volume when people down there.
Next to bedroom, so no playing once Mrs Wren goes to bed.
I prefer to listen to whole albums and don’t like rushing it, so rarely listen to just tracks unless a little time becomes available and I really fancy listening to something specific.

Having a separate room for the TV Mrs Bruss used to spend time watching her favourite programs, leaving me to spend a few hours each evening actively listening. This year we decided to pit a temporary TV in the main room for us both to enjoy the occasional TV program together and enjoy the cosiness of the log burner. I haven’t put a single LP on since before Christmas. :unamused:

For me, non sweet spot listening ie while working or at my computer could be all day but is background listening. Once listening from the sweet spot at a more indecent volume then 2-3 hours is normal, occasionally longer if I’m stringing together tracks from different albums.

Not so temporary…?

That is my fear.
Once the winter is over and the cosiness quotient goes down I will remove the offending temporary arrangement.


TV and music listening other than using headphones are mutually exclusive pastimes, and where they represent two people’s different preferences for relaxation I think it is essential for there to be different domestic spaces for each (this is a primary objection I have to open plan homes). We have a TV lounge and a music room. The latter doubles as a home cinema, but that is invariably enjoyed as simultaneous shared sessions.

My main source is vinyl so I listen to whole albums, at least two, every night.
During the day I listen to Radio Paradise and while I’m making the evening meal I’ll choose an album on Amazon Music to listen to.

50/50 sitting and walking…

Daily dog walk for 30-45mins invariably with an album off Qobuz via iPhone into AirPods Pro.

At home, when not busy with other things, 2-3 albums, a couple of late evenings in the week, possibly 3-5h of a weekend evening if not out and about, mostly via headphones which is more family friendly in our home currently.

Usually (prefer to) play albums end to end and not having to flip vinyl or reload cds does encourage longer listening sessions for me, but my step count is made up in other ways! :rofl::wink:

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About an hour a day on average. Probably a bit over. My stylus hour counter, and number of days old my cartridge are, match closely (40)! I’ve mostly listened to vinyl since replacing it, with the odd streaming session. I’m sure it’ll balance out a bit over coming months, but an hour a day average seems about right.

Being retired I can pretty much please myself.
I’ll often spend the best part of the day just listening.
However, there are times when I won’t get down to listen for days or even a week or two.
Either way, even when doing chores etc, I am never without music as there are 2 systems and Sonos is liberally sprinkled in every other room in the house.

When I first had the system, the ‘just one more CD’ scenario could drag into the wee hours. These days I’d be accused of keeping the family awake so 10pm at the latest and it’s not usually on before 18.30. I can try and multi task in the evening but the system demands my attention. I try and listen most nights but it is better in the winter with the curtains drawn. Can’t bear turning it off or leaving it.