How long have you been here?

Just realised that I joined the Naim forum in August 1999, so 23 years ago. I was living and working in Saudi, and when my wife returned to the U.K. I found myself with time on my hands. Someone told me about an Internet cafe near MATE Hifi in the Gulf Centre, Al Khobar, so in I went.

I didn’t have a clue! I’d never even seen the internet before, but I was quite ok with a ‘poota. Before I knew it, I was in, registered using the hotmail address my wife had just created for me.

I still have the CDX, 102, HC, 180 and Intros I bought at MATE hifi! Although the Intros aren’t in the main system now, I just can’t let them go.

You take the platinum award for hanging in there - in fact a life time achievement award

Well done TRL - system is still great :+1:

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I’m not sure - certainly I was a member of the early forum, but was not one of first. I too was abroad, Lithuania I think so that would be mid to late 90’s.

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A couple of years or so for me. Its good to have contact with so many ppeople with similar interests. Some of the technical stuff talked about is a bit beyond me but I have still learnt a lot. There is always someone ready to help with a problem too which is great!

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This was my first post:

How things have grown out of hands since then!


Your Ardbeg must be 16y now.


I’ve just had an alert that says I’ve been here a year. But I was on the previous Forum. Although checking the archive suggest it may have been the one before that as it only starts in around 2000. I’m pretty sure I was online before then.


No idea but just went over to the old site to have a look. Still no idea but while there I was browsing the thread titles. Some very familiar to the now and others more intriguing…

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How do you access the old site?

No idea. I had a few years out but I’m guessing I first started c Naim in 1995ish and on the forum for probably at least 15 years,

I joined 12 August 2000. I wonder how much time I’ve spent on here in those 22 years…

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My first post 11 years ago about NaimUniti delivery times

I still have the NU but with a very faded display. Instead of the ordered but not delivered n-Sats I ended up buying small Harbeths (which I still have too).

Unfortunately searches seem to be confined to thread titles not content. I’m still trying to find my first post.

Yes, searching does seem to be limited - however I presume you found your post that contained this?

Posted on: 12 January 2019 by Innocent Bystander
I joined in September 2014, at the time of buying an ND5XS, following which I have learnt much, both about Naim and other things. Interesting forum, with some members very supportive on technical and support matters, which I have tried to emulate as my contribution - other aspects variable.

It’s a shame the older iterations of the forum couldn’t be saved for posterity beyond the replies made by Julian on the first one.

Helping to moderate the old old forum was one of my jobs as Customer Service Manager when I first joined Naim. I seem to have come full circle…


Hi Richard, slight divergence here but I wanted to ask how was your recent factory trip?

I was very fortunate to see you on your previous visit when I was there to meet with Charlie, just before the first lockdown which seems a while ago now!

It was good thanks Geoff. I spent the day with Jason and Mark, got to play with the Solstice, and also got to take a walk around the factory with Mark. Plenty of changes since the last time I toured the factory (some years ago now with Trevor) but heartening to still see and catch up with so many familiar faces; as ever some things have changed, many others remain the same.


Joined in about 2007 when I bought a used Nait 5.

I’m glad to say that it is still a relatively pleasant place to be, in social media terms. Though sometimes I take a break! But something always pulls me back. My partner says it’s the dopamine hits with the ‘likes’!

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What was your impression of Solstice……to me it was so quintessentially Naim sounding……i loved it, but came to the conclusion i was too deep into streaming and like skipping tracks etc.